Bucky’s Family: Isaac Rosenthal

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Isaac Rosenthal!
Isaac Rosenthal is currently a junior at Beaverton High. He is on the varsity tennis and basketball team and loves every minute of playing with his teammates. He spends the rest of hanging with his friends and studying to maintain his 4.0 GPA.
Isaac playing Basketbal
Along with the success come with a lot of obstacles and that Isaac had to face. The greatest obstacle that Isaac had to face was moving from a very small middle school to BHS, which is a big school. Isaac didn’t know a lot of people when he came here and the big environment was new to him. Luckily, Isaac quickly adapted to Beaverton and loves the community here.
One thing that you might not know about Isaac is his work in the community. He loves volunteering and giving back. He currently volunteers and helps with the Special Olympics. He says he loves spending time with the kids. Even though Isaac is a 4.0 student, one thing that he has never learned is the order of the months. To this day, Isaac  doesn’t know which month comes after which.
The Rosenthal household is a loving family. Isaac lives with his parents and his brother Noam who is 13 and currently attending the Portland Jewish Academy. Isaac said that his family raised him well and taught him strong morals from a young age. Anyone who spends time with Isaac can see these morals glowing through him.
Isaac and his brother
In the next five years, Isaac has some very ambitious goals. He either wants to own his own business or be in grad school.

Bucky’s Family: Ryan Oldham

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Ryan Oldham!

Ryan Oldham is a junior at Beaverton High School who is involved in many technology oriented classes and clubs. In school, he spends his time in classes such as Engineering and Drafting and Design. Outside of school, he goes to Robotics Club every day after school, during build season. He is the build lead for the team, which is the build captain’s go to when he needs help. During the winter season, he goes up to the mountain every Wednesday with the Ski Team.



In order to lend a helping hand to the school, Ryan volunteers his time as the technology manager for the football team. Here he manages the headsets whenever they aren’t working, which is said to be often, and also the scoreboard if there is an error that can’t be fixed right away. At home, he runs his own small business called RGO Prints. Here he uses his 3D printer to bring in customers.


What most people don’t know about Ryan is that he collects old computers. By “old”, he means any model made before the year 2000. He collects these computers from Goodwill, eBay, or even from friends willing to donate them to him. Once collected, he enjoys taking his time to fix up the computers to working condition again. Additionally, he uses these computers to do a majority of his school work on. By now, he has collected around 8 computers, 3 of which he currently uses.