Bucky’s Family: Molly Pryor

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Molly Pryor!


Molly Pryor is a very athletic, kind, and hardworking junior at Beaverton. She was born in Oregon and has lived here her whole life. She has four older siblings; the second-youngest sibling is in college, and the rest of them are pursuing careers after college. Her family is very strong9minded, they are all involved in health careers, and she chose to follow in their path as well.

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Molly loves to read and play sports. She does swimming, water polo, and track and field. She is very open about her life and says that she always likes to keep busy so she doesn’t have much free time. Because she is pursuing the Health Careers Pathway, her favorite class is Physiology.


Due to the fact that Molly does so many sports and other activities, her biggest obstacle she believes that she faces is being able to overcome making mistakes. With all the activities she is involved in she needs to be able to accept that mistakes will happen which she is learning to realize and overcome that obstacle.


Molly loves having her morning practice for her sports, even though it’s really early. She loves the goofy times and amazing memories that come with them. Her family is also a big part of of her life and the memories she makes with them. Her family and her team will always be there for her no matter what which is why she has so much fun in life and loves to be with them.


Bucky’s Family: Blake McKizzie

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Blake McKizzie!
Blake Edward Mckizzie is currently a senior at Beaverton High School. He has a variety of hobbies, but his greatest hobby is to entertain. He also really enjoys drawing, watching Youtube videos, and playing video games. Blake was born in Wheat Ridge Colorado and moved to Kansas and Texas before finally coming to Oregon. Blake was originally raised in an abusive foster care home, this led him to be adopted by his aunt and uncle who he now considers his real parents. He lives with them along with his brother Robert and his grandparents.
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At school, Blake’s favorite class is Creative Writing. He likes this because he can write what he wants to write about rather than following a strict curriculum. Blake is also part of the theater program at Beaverton and has been in several different shows. With all of the talent that Blake has, you would think he would be an extremely outgoing individual. Well, this is not the case; Blake is very shy and lonely but Blake is one of the nicest, funniest, and most outgoing kids on campus.
After high school, Blake plans to be joining the Marine Corps. He said he joined the Marine to challenge himself because he heard this was the toughest branch of the military. He also joined because they pay for your college to help you create a better future. Blake and his impeccable work ethic he will do an incredible job serving our country.
Blake Marine Corps