Bucky’s Family: Olivia Hopes

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Olivia Hopes!
Olivia Hopes is a junior at BHS. She’s 16 year old and has attended Sexton Mountain, Highland Park, and is now currently at BHS. Oliva has a younger sister as well as a younger brother, she describes them both as erratic and crazy.
One thing that people may not know about Olivia is that she has a learning disability. As a kid, she struggled reading, writing, and with math. In elementary school, she focused a lot of attention on reading and writing and those things continue to influence her life today. Olivia says that outside of school, she spends most of her time reading and riding fiction stories. She finds a great deal of passion in arts. She just recently joined wood-turning club and also enjoys sewing blankets in her free time.
Olivia says that the biggest obstacle in her life is the AP classes she’s currently taking. This is her first year taking them and she finds them really hard, both with the content as well as the amounts of homework required. Olivia says that in her free time, you’ll likely find her doing homework if she’s not reading or writing stories.
Hard work has been a constant theme in Olivia’s life. The learning disability has forced her to work harder than her peers and now she’s being forced to work even harder with the introduction of AP classes. Olivia represents BHS very well through her outside of the box thinking and hard work. We can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish and are proud to have her be part of Bucky’s Family.

Bucky’s Family: Dylan Garcia

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Dylan Garcia!
Dylan, a junior at Beaverton High School, has recently found his calling in the community of BHS. Starting this year, he joined yearbook, DAM Magazine, and Leadership, letting him experiment with his passion for poetry and photography. His favorite class is American Lit where he finds it easy to share his hard work without judgment and where it’s a safe space to be acknowledged and supported. 
Dylan Garcia (After 1st Paragraph)
Growing up, Dylan’s connection with his family was very strong. Now that his whole extended family lives in Oregon, too, he finds that their bond only grows. Dylan’s favorite meal his mother makes is sopa, a concoction of noodles, ground beef, and veggies. Recently, however, Dylan has started going vegan and is struggling with the notion that he can’t eat meat, but he plans to stay vegan for as long as he can.
Dylan Garcia (After 2nd Paragraph)
Being in Leadership this year was a big step out of Dylan’s comfort zone. However, he now finds that the class allows him to express himself and be more confident. Anyone who knows him knows how kind and genuine Dylan is, and he wants everyone to remember, “Don’t judge people, be happy, and spread kindness”.