Bucky’s Family: Tyson Dougall

Meet Buckys Family member, Tyson Dougall!


Tyson is a 17-year-old senior at BHS who is very involved with fencing, his local church and the Boy Scouts of America.


Inside of school, he is not a part of any clubs. He has four siblings, one older who is in college in Utah and 3 younger who are attending Mountain View, Sexton Mountain, and Highland Park.

Family picture

Tyson was born in Texas and lived there until he was 6 when he moved to Beaverton and has lived here ever since.  Something that people might not know about him is that he has been fencing for over 4 years! At one point in his life, he was pretty depressed but quickly overcame it by doing the things he loves on a constant basis such as fencing. His absolute favorite class is Biology, and he wants to pursue a career in the biomedical field.


One of Pixar’s best movies yet

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Beaverton Hummer

By Tatiana García

Coco is visually stunning, culturally immersive and one of Pixar’s best movies yet. Coco has domestically made a whopping 89.6 million U.S. dollars at the box office and has been rated fresh (97%) on Rotten Tomatoes.

coco.pngMiguel strumming Ernesto De La Cruz guitar and ignitingthe Land of the Dead. (Photo courtesy of Disney/Pixar).

Coco takes place on the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday in which one celebrates loved ones who’ve passed on. Miguel, a boy from a family of shoemakers, embarks on a coming-of-age journey as an aspiring musician. But he finds himself held back to pursue that dream, as his family has held a generation old ban on music ever since his great great great grandmother was left by a musician. In Miguel’s determination to follow his goals and be as great of a musician as his idol Ernesto De La Cruz, he finds…

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Bucky’s Family: Karrar Al-Sawaedi

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Karrar Al-Sawaedi!



Karrar Al-Sawaedi is an 18 year old senior at Beaverton! In 2014,  Karrar and his family moved from Iraq to Oregon because his parents wanted him and his brother to have a “safer” life and a better education. When he first moved here, it was very difficult because he didn’t know any English. Because of his great teachers, he has been able to learn the language and can now speak pretty well. Karrar’s favorite class is math, and his favorite teacher is Ms. Fleischman.


Karrar went back to visit friends and family in Iraq last summer, and he wants to keep going back to visit but plans on staying here in Portland. If his country became safer, he would think about moving back more permanently.


At Beaverton, Something Karrar would like others to know about him is that he is a friendly guy and treats people like he wants to be treated. On the weekends and sometimes after school, Karrar works in construction. It’s hard work but he likes it. Outside of school, Karrar likes to play soccer, and it’s his favorite sport. He also loves Iraqi food and his favorite place to visit is Los Angeles. After high school, he plans to stay in Oregon and go to college to continue his education.