Bucky’s Family: Reyna Ayala

Meet Bucky’s family member, Reyna Ayala!



Reyna is a freshman at Beaverton. She lives with her mom, Jenny, and dad, Joel. Also, she has a sister, who is a junior and attends ISB. Both of Reyna’s parents came from lower-income families, using food stamps as their only way to have food. However, they worked really hard in school which has inspired Reyna to push herself so she can be as successful as her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ayala met at UC Davis through academic scholarships. Reyna’s dad went to grad school at Columbia and is now an engineer. Reyna’s mom went to UC-San Francisco for Medical School and is now a Rehab doctor. Her parents made a full turn around from their poor childhood and through hard work and determination were able to get scholarships and become very successful. After realizing how her parents were raised, she learned how to be hard-working and independent with a lot of support from her family. Reyna’s mom likes the philosophy of ‘Just trusting your kids instead of putting a bunch of restrictions on them’.


Reyna was originally supposed to go to Sunset High School, however, due to the new district boundaries, she was transferred to Beaverton. Reyna knew it would be hard to say goodbye to her middle school friends that went to Sunset, but could not imagine going anywhere but Beaverton. Reyna loves high school not only for academics but also because she has been able to meet so many new people. In fact, when Reyna was a toddler she had selective mutism which meant she didn’t want to talk to anyone except for her family. She was able to overcome that obstacle and is a lot more social now. She was able to break out of her shell and is now involved with many things in and outside of school.


Reyna is on the Robotics team and is going to join the tennis team this year. Also, Reyna volunteers at OMSI every weekend to teach families complex topics. Reyna loves to hang out with her friends from Sunset and her new friends at Beaverton. She enjoys school, especially Social Studies and Lit and comp. Moreover, Reyna is following in her father’s footsteps because she likes engineering.


Although Reyna is only a freshman, she knows that she wants to do something with science in her future and possibly be a geologist. Reyna considers herself a perfectionist and definitely studies more than is necessary. With that, Reyna has already thought of what college she wants to attend. She would love to go to UC Berkeley or South Dakota School of Mines for the geology program. Reyna loves to brag about her dad going to Columbia because it shows how her parents were able to preserve through a childhood of little money.


Reyna values her family and is very proud of her family members for all of their accomplishments. One of her cousins, Katherine attends college at St Andrews in Scotland which is the third best university in the UK. Reyna is inspired by her cousin because she breaks the stereotype of being ‘nerdy’, as well as scoring a 35 on the ACT. Reyna loves to travel with her family, especially because her parents didn’t have the opportunity when they were young. The Ayala’s have traveled to London and Mexico, as well as Hood River every Fourth of July and California for Thanksgiving. Reyna hopes to someday travel to Iceland because she is really interested in geology and it is very pretty there. Reyna and her family have been able to overcome many obstacles throughout their life, and now are very successful. Reyna is very proud of her parent’s accomplishments and hopes to accomplish many great things in the future.


Bucky’s Family: Ainsley Adams

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Ainsley Adams!




Junior Ainsley Adams was born and raised in the same house her whole life in Beaverton, Oregon. Ainsley lives with her mom, Teresa, and dad, Brit and has no siblings. She used to hate being an only child but now realizes that it has taught her to be more independent and allowed her parents to give her more freedom and trust. Ainsley has a dog and a cat, that is like her sibling.


Ainsley is very family oriented and considers her cousins her best friends. Also, her dad’s parents live only 5 minutes away which makes it very easy to hang out with them all the time! Every summer, she goes camping at Fishermen’s Bend with her grandparents, uncle, aunt, and cousins. Also, Ainsley and her family have traveled to Maui, New York, and California. She loves Disneyland because it’s such a fun and happy place to go, and matches her bubbly and positive personality. One day, Ainsley hopes to go to Paris because it has always been on her bucket list.


Ainsley is very involved within the Beaverton community and has dedicated a lot of her time to school. In fact, Ainsley’s biggest accomplishment was getting through pre-calc with an A both semesters! She has been on leadership every semester and is currently the ASB VP of Student Relations. She is the Key Club secretary and part of the National Honor Society and LINK Crew.


This year, she joined Yearbook to try something new and continue to stay involved as much as she can. Ainsley’s favorite class was AP US History because she loves Ms. Kavan and believes that every student should take a class that teaches the history of our country. Mr. Meuwissen was also one of her favorite teachers because he made social studies super interesting and was very understanding and kind.


Her hard work and persistence continue outside of school, as she is a Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador and a competitive tap dancer for Beaverton Dance Center. She has dance competitions throughout the year and the summer of her sophomore year she had a national competition in Seaside. The day before, when she was walking out of her bathroom, a nail got stuck in her foot for a total of 2 hours. She persevered through this accident and still danced that weekend because she didn’t want to let the team down. Something that other students might not know about her is that she has been a vegetarian for 5 years. Becoming a vegetarian was a struggle at first, but as time passed, it became easier for her to order at restaurants and compromise to meals.

Ainsley loves music, especially Elton John’s classic hits. She has been to many concerts and is going to Billy Joel this December which she is extremely excited about! Ainsley loves spending time with her cousin Madison and singing Bruno Mars songs. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because of the music, decorating the house and all of her families parties and traditions. Every Christmas morning, the Adams family has Chorizo on little rolls which they have to buy from a very special place that her great-grandparents used to order it from. Ainsley’s family loves to follow traditions, especially during the holiday season because they are very close and love each other dearly.


Ainsley plans to attend an out of state 4-year university for a fresh start and to meet new people. When Ainsley grows up, she either wants to be a sports reporter or an event planner. In fact, she did an internship last summer to see how people plan weddings and found it magical. Ainsley is always finding ways to help others and wants to spread awareness that every person should be treated with kindness. Her mom taught her that you don’t know what others have gone through or what they are currently going through which has allowed her to have such a positive outlook on life.