Bucky’s Family: Ian Rundle

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Ian Rundle!



Ian was born and raised here in Oregon and lives with his two younger sisters, Helen and Roxanne, as well as his mom and dad, Laura and Jay He attended a private elementary school called the Montessori School of Beaverton, then moved on to attend middle school at Meadow Park. He was originally going to attend Sunset High School, but due to the recent boundary changes, he found himself a part of Bucky’s Family here at Beaverton High School as a freshman.

At Beaverton, Ian is involved in the robotics club, marching band, and is a member of the science bowl team. He has a very busy schedule but still hopes to possibly join the swim team and the tennis team next year. He loves to build things so he has really enjoyed the challenges thrown at him in robotics club


Ian likes to spend his free time swimming, playing tennis, and building robots and drones, as well as flying them. Building is one thing that Ian really loves. He is also involved in another robotics team that isn’t run through the school. He has been working on multiple DIY projects at home with his family and friends. He and his dad have been building a drone from scratch. They are attaching a camera so they can see what the drone is seeing, therefore it can be flown behind objects, where it is out of sight, yet they can still navigate it. Ian and his friend have also been working on their own phone charger. It is powered by solar, and heat energy. They have built a prototype, and it does function but it hasn’t quite lived up to their expectations. If they can get it to where they want to be, they might look into releasing it on Kickstarter.


Ian is involved in plenty of things here at Beaverton and plans to keep it that way throughout his time here. He is already taking two AP classes as a freshman and plans to take more during his next three years at Beaverton. Although college is still a ways away, he shows a lot of interest in engineering and business. He might look into studying one of those in college, so he can maybe one day be able to get his dream job. He one day hopes to become a CEO of an engineering business. He knows that will take a lot of work but he is willing to put in the time. Even though he is a freshman, you can tell he is gonna do big things, and we’re excited to see what he accomplishes here at Beaverton High School as  part of Bucky’s Family.


Bucky’s Family: Keaton Klym

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Keaton Klym!


Keaton Klym is a freshman here at Beaverton High. He was born in Bend and moved to Portland when he was 4. He lives with his parents (Kirsten and Brian), and his brother (Joseph) who is a junior at BHS. He is loving the environment and community at Beaverton and is excited about his next three years here.

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Keaton’s favorite teachers at Beaverton are Mr. Webb, Mr. Emch, and Mr. Sarmiento. His favorite classes are STEM Chemistry and Leadership. He also enjoys playing soccer. He made the boys varsity soccer team this fall and loved playing under the lights. He started playing soccer when he was 4 and has been playing it since. One thing that he wants people to know about him is that he has recently played on a national soccer team, Global Premier Soccer (GPS), and played in regional tournaments. Before playing on GPS, he played for Beaverton Soccer Club (BSC) as a center defender.

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He isn’t sure what he wants to study in college but he is interested in engineering because he is curious about how things work and the mechanics behind them. His dream job would be to play for Arsenal FC, a professional soccer team in London. One of the obstacles he has faced was being placed on the “B team” for soccer. Keaton hopes to see you in the stands supporting boys soccer next year!

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