High school stress should be measured by a Richter scale

Via Beaverton Hummer online: https://beavertonhummer.wordpress.com.

Beaverton Hummer

By Rocio Avalos

At the age of fourteen, teens are more stressed than an adult in their thirties. The school is the main reason why teens get stressed out, having to deal with many tests and homework at once. Learning new habits on how to manage time is difficult for teens, as well as Junior year being the hardest and most stressful year of high school. In Junior year students are required to take many tests that could really determine their future and teachers are not aware of that. Most students have an AP course, but teachers don’t notice the workload they are adding to a student when they add big projects weekly or monthly. Some teachers consistently add big projects all at once and for a student who needs to work to help his/her family financially, or to save money for college it is hard to manage a good GPA…

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