Senior Top 5: Angelica Bautista

My top 5 memories from BHS are…

I attended the annual Cesar E. Leadership Conference two years in a row and I truly loved it. 70 high schools in Oregon are invited to attend it to learn about Cesar. E Chavez and his impact in the agriculture fields and his Chicano influence. Almost 2,000 students and staff attended to this event to learn leadership skills and to motivate latino students to continue their education and Cesar E. Chavez legacy.

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The Cinco de Mayo Dance my freshman year was definitely a memory to remember. It is a celebration where we celebrate that the Mexican Army defeated the french force of Napoleon III in May 5, 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. It made me so happy that a lot of people attended the dance to celebrate because I was born in the State of Puebla in Mexico. It is a memory to remember because this was my first high school dance.

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The trip to California with my Marketing class, was my first time traveling out of state. I appreciate Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Ramberg for taking us to Anaheim.  This was also my first time visiting Disneyland, Hollywood, and Universal Studios! The Youth Educational Series workshop helped me gain more knowledge on how to improve my leadership skills. It also taught me to persuade my dreams when the odds come against me. I got to learn more about the history and struggles of Walt Disney to become a cartoonist. Something I took home from the trip was to always brainstorm to be more successful in a project.

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As a Junior I participated in the Diversity Assembly. At the beginning of practices, latino club had its own dancing group but we were later informed that another group was doing similar dances as us so we decided to join them as one. It was a decision taken at the last minute but my group manage to learn the dance in five days. We all work and motivated each other to to do a great performance. It was a pleasure to perform at the 2016 diversity assembly and represent my culture to the BHS students and staff.


Prom is one of the most desired dance to attend as a senior. Is more than just a dance, is a celebration of your accomplishments and a fun time to spend with your generation classmates. Before Prom, we were all late to the schedule we pre-arranged but we still managed to take pictures and eat out. I did not want the night to end because every time I closed my eyes, my whole life would flash back to the first time I learned to spell my name and solve my multiplications.

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