Senior Top 5: Rianna Ayoub

Senioritis- a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

Yeah, you could say we’ve all reached this point. As I write this, there are 35 days until my last day of school, and 38 days until graduation. I know everyone says “time goes by fast”, but I never believed it until it happened. It’s like I blinked and we’re all adults.

I could be sappy and act like I’m “so sad to leave”, but I’m actually really happy to move on with my life. So instead of telling you how scared I am to go on to college, here are 5 of the best memories I’ve had at THE Beaverton High School.

  1. Football Games.

Who doesn’t love school spirit? Fans cheering until we lose our voices, fun themes to dress up to with friends, and most importantly, one amazing team. And we’re all there for one purpose- to support no matter what. I cheered varsity sophomore year which was fun and all, but I wanted to go to football and basketball games with friends. Let me tell you it was a good decision to quit, because watching football games was my favorite part about Friday nights in the fall. Win or lose, we would always sing the fight song with the team. Beaverton’s sense of community is really something else. Whether it be sports, clubs, or anything in between, we are always there for each other.

camo outcheerfootball gameProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

2. Diversity Assemblies

We’ve always had the best assemblies of all time; I will miss them a lot. But my favorite one in particular is the diversity assembly. This assembly shows who we truly are. We start out the beginning with students carrying flags, where people from specific countries carry theirs. (I carried the Lebanon flag this year). Afterwards, multiple performances are put on by students of all different races and cultures- from hispanic partner dancing, to polynesian hula dancing, to accordion playing, this assembly reveals our true colors and brings us together as one. It shows us that no matter what race or culture you are apart of, you are you, and you are special in your own way. And that is what makes us Beaverton High School.

diversity assembly 1diversity assembly 2diversity assembly 3

3. Social Media Team/marketing

The social media team has been a fun, educational experience that has completely changed my outlook on school. When I joined digital marketing my junior year, I realized how many different job opportunities there are when it comes to marketing. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I was older, but this class opened doors and made me want more. I continued with digital marketing this year to be on Social Media Team, which is where we create all of the school’s social media content. I also took marketing 2 and marketing management this year, which have taught me a lot about general marketing, advertising, and what it takes to run a business. Marketing classes have brought me a lot of impressive experiences such as going to New York for social media week, visiting different advertising agencies, going to the Nike Lab, and more. Not to mention I have met many amazing people and have learned a lot of incredible stories from getting to reach out and interview people for social media team. I am excited to continue my education and major in marketing at Portland State University next year, and if it weren’t for these marketing classes and Social Media Team, I would have no idea where I am headed in the future.

SMT selfie

4. New York City- Social Media Week

As I said above, the students on social media team got the amazing opportunity of going to New York City this year. We went for 5 days to attend “Social Media Week”, which is a worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world. It was extremely fascinating to learn new ideas, because we were then able to talk as group with Mrs. Erwin when we got back to see how we could apply them to our school content. This was one of my favorite trips in my life so far, because not only did I learn more than I ever have in a week, but we did so many fun things! We had plenty of extra time to go off in groups and see the empire state building, go to central park, the 9/11 memorial, rockefeller center, and more. If you are ever offered an opportunity to go on a school trip, take it, because you will never get that same kind of experience out of a normal vacation.

social media week 4social media week 3social media week 2social media week 1

5. Prom!!

Of course prom had to be on here, right? It’s prom! Homecoming and sadies are fun and all, but prom is definitely the icing on the cake. Long dresses, getting your hair and makeup done, months of talking about it, the assembly, the prom court. It’s almost overwhelming at one point. Don’t get me wrong though, it is the perfect dance to end high school. The date of our prom, April 22nd, happened to be the date of my best friend Kendall’s 18th birthday. All of her friends were either out of town, busy with sports, or at their prom, so I thought what would be more fun than if she joined me? Kendall spent her birthday at prom with me and it was so much fun. Girls- DON’T think you need a date to have a good time at prom. I promise you, if you’re with a fun group you will have a great night either way. Don’t get super fixated on if you’re getting asked or not, because in the end it’s what you make it.

prom 4prom 3prom 2prom 1

Want advice? Have fun. Make friends, but not fake ones. Be yourself and don’t try so hard to fit in, because after 4 short years you won’t have to see most of these people again, unless you want to.

So make the best of it, and have fun at BHS! You’ve got this.


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