Senior Top 5: Carmen Shiflett

Hello fellow students and members at Beaverton High School! My name is Carmen Shifflett, and I am a senior finishing high school this next month in the class of 2017. These past 4 years at Beaverton have flew by faster than I would’ve ever imagined, but I am looking forward to concluding this phase in my life to pursue other things. I have learned and loved many things within my high school experience here at Beaverton High School.


My advice to younger generations going into their last years of free education is to take advantage of all the resources and fun extracurricular activities that are offered at the edge of your fingertips. Some of my favorite high school experiences came from activities I did out of school such as attending football and basketball games. Beaverton has proven itself to be one of the best student sections in all of Metro, so showing up to sporting events to show spirit is a fun and productive way to get involved. Especially when there is special sporting events that only occur once in the year, such as Jam The Dam or senior nights, it should be some kind of priority to go because you may regret it if you don’t! Not only should you be active in going to other students sporting events, if you’re interested in doing any sports yourself, high school is the perfect opportunity to do so. My first two years as a freshman and sophomore I decided to switch over from playing softball to playing lacrosse to try something new. High School is the time to learn more about yourself and what you’re interested in. I learned how much I enjoyed playing in a team environment and how to dedicate myself to doing something new.


Senior year has created many of the long-lasting memories that I will have the rest of my life. Although it can be stressful because everything is beginning to end, that’s what makes it fun. You now are starting to experience some of the responsibilities of being an adult by managing money and choosing what school you would like to attend in the future. All during that time, you’re also getting prepared to say goodbye to many things you may be leaving behind after high school, which can be scary. To make this phase a little less intimidating, Beaverton adds many fun activities to unite the senior community such as senior nights, assemblies and Prom. Prom was one of the best experiences I had throughout high school because it was spent with all my fellow classmates and friends nearing the end of the school year. One of the biggest things I will miss is getting ready with friends for school dances then going to take pictures with the rest of my class. Whether it’s a small Sadies dance or prom, take the opportunity to go because it makes memories for every year you attend!


Lastly one thing that motivated me to do well is the classes that I chose to take. Unfortunately, I was late into joining the marketing pathway, but I found myself highly enjoying the marketing classes I took junior and senior year. We even were able to go on a few field trips such as to Pumpkin Ridge and TopGolf to learn about innovation and decision making.


These types of fun experiences added into my high school days made them all the more enjoyable. Overall I won’t forget the lasting memories I made in showing spirit to sporting events, being involved in sports, attending the small and big school dances, and finding new things I’m interested in.


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