Senior Top 5: Lacey Hedeen

As I have planned for college and prepared for graduation all senior year, I really never had a “wow moment”, like, “This is it.” I knew it was coming, I knew I was graduating this year but it seemed so distant that it really didn’t feel real. Then we had our sSenior Assembly. They told us we had 22 days of school left. Graduation was no longer something in the distant future that I thought about but never actually saw myself walking across the stage. Now, it’s less than a month away and I finally had that moment, when my heart drop and I realized: this is really it, I won’t be in high school anymore. It’s hard not to get nostalgic when looking back over my four years here at BHS. These are my personal top 5 memories of my high school career.

1. Freshman year snow days. Right before Sadies weekend my freshman year, there was a huge snow storm that canceled school for a few days. A few of my friends that were all going to Sadie’s together spent all the snow days at my friend Mady’s house, hot tubing and sledding.

IMG_99632. Getting my puppy Sydney Sophomore year. Girls best friend doesn’t even start to explain this dog. It took days of begging to finally convince my dad to buy me a little 6 week old Mini Australian Shepherd in Oregon city. Needless to say the begging worked and I know have a two and a half year old dog that means everything to me.

IMG_76633. YoungLife Camp going into Junior year. I spent a week with all my best friends at the Washington Family Ranch YoungLife camp. I spent the week getting tan with by the pool and meeting people who have become some of the most important people in my life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. Senior basketball season. This year, our basketball boys went farther in state than any other year in my four years of high school. Jam the Dam is a whole different experience when you are standing front row of the student section and crushing our rivals: Southridge High School. Not to mention being first in Metro.

5. Trip to Anaheim Senior year. Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Anaheim, California with our school’s marketing program. We spend the week learning about Walt Disney and his philosophy. And of course time in the Disney and Universal parks with some of my best friends.



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