Senior Top 5: Stefan Franke

From my first day walking through the doors at Beaverton High School to my last few weeks walking the halls as a senior, there has never been a dull moment. Playing sports, attending other sporting events, making new friends, and going on field trips and class activities have been some of the highlights of my 4 years here. Each year has been filled with more memories and more new friends than the year before. The following are some of my “Top 5” memories from my years as a BHS Student.

#1: My first baseball game playing for BHS

pic #1

For years I have played for Beaverton JBO, which is a junior baseball program in Beaverton. I was always so excited to play my first actual game as a BHS student, and it was just as awesome as I always hoped it would be. I made a ton of new friends while playing baseball, along with many amazing memories. Our freshmen team ended up going 20-0, and had an incredible season that I will never forget.

#2: Making a ceramic elephant in Ceramics 1

pic #2

For our final project in Ceramics 1, we had a choice to make a design of our choosing, so I decided to make an elephant because my dad had made a ceramic elephant when he was in school. Ceramics was an awesome class, and I enjoyed how hands on and interesting it was, and how we were able to get creative and let our ideas come to life.

#3: Starting in my first varsity baseball game

pic #3

Much like my first baseball game as a BHS student, I have always looked forward to starting in my first varsity game at BHS! It was during a weekend tournament at Tigard High School, and we ended up winning, which was the perfect end to the game I had always been looking forward to.

#4: Marketing trip to Orlando

pic #4

Marketing is something that I never really knew I had an interest for, until I started going to school here at BHS. I have taken most of the classes in the Marketing Pathway, and they have all be amazing. It was so fun getting to work on the Jam the Dam event, and of course going on this field trip to Orlando, where we learned about things from management, to leadership, and even improvisation.

#5: Senior prom


Last but certainly not least is, of course, Senior Prom. Personally, I think the most fun part of the whole night was getting to get all dressed up and take pictures with all of my friends before going downtown. The night was awesome, and the whole time felt like a mini celebration of high school, kind of like “Hey, you did it!”.

Overall, my time at Beaverton High School has been amazing, and I will never forget it. I have many so many new friends, learned so many things in class and about myself as a person. I am very much looking forward to college and seeing what the next chapter in my life holds, but I will always remember that I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for BHS.



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