Senior Top 5: Karley Hecht

When I look back on my time at BHS, a lot of memories come to mind. Some good, some bad…But all memories, no matter what, will carry on with me forever. As you read on, you will learn about my top five favorite memories that I shared with students, staff and the beautiful BHS campus. Without further ado, here are my top five favorite memories…

  1. I was fortunate enough to share my first two years of high school with an older sister to look up to. She was a  Junior when I was a Freshman, so having her there with me to show me the ropes was such a privilege. Not only did i share unforgettable memories with her, I also never had to ride the bus. So you could say that that was probably the most clutch situation a Freshman could dream of.

  2. Here at BHS, we have a special class called Beaver Lodge. Some of you probably know what it is but for those of you who don’t, Beaver Lodge is a class period where students can go see teachers for help, make up work, study, do homework, etc. A lot of kids take advantage of this and flat out skip this period. They use all of their PE skills to book it away from the security guards. It’s the funniest thing ever looking out the classroom window and seeing kids sprinting away from campus (attention all incoming students, don’t skip Beaver Lodge. Just don’t…). Anywho, I was lucky enough to be apart of THE BEST BEAVER LODGE EVER. I was in the smallest class with the best most caring teacher any student in beaver lodge could have, Mrs. Nakatani. She is the cutest lady to ever care for such a small group of high schoolers ever. So the past four years in her Beaver Lodge class was the best experience ever, because WE ARE THE BEST BEAVER LODGE CLASS EVER!

  3. My junior year, I was selected to be on the BHS Social Media Team. Now, when I was a freshman I had no idea what this was. But after talking to my sister’s good friend Payton Crawford, she helped me build up enough courage to apply. This was probably the best decision I have ever made in my high school career. Being part of the Social Media Team was such a wild and unique experience that no other high school student gets to be apart of. I have traveled to Chicago, LA and new York with these amazing people and most importantly my amazing teacher Katy Robinson! I am convinced that she is magic because she is literally a genius.


  4. My senior year, BHS got a new SRO (school resource officer). Now, I’ve had a longtime drive to become a police officer one day or go into law enforcement so any police officer intrigues me. I can’t remember the day I first met Officer Frye but we have been best friends since. This is one of my favorite memories because of the special bond we share. I talk to him about all sorts of things and having someone like that is truly special. His passion for what he does and the way he connects with students is awesome. I will for sure miss our weekly (sometimes daily) talks.

  5. Last but not least, my fifth favorite memory. Now, even though there are a lot more memories I could list off, I believe that I haven’t experienced my last memory. I am hoping to go through my last 20 days of high school with an open mind and an open heart in hopes that the day I graduate and the days I do my last things with the people I grew up with will be the best memory yet.

Thank you Beaverton High School students I have grown up with, teachers who have helped me grow, and everyone else that has made my experience at BHS one of a kind. Good luck to all the other seniors as they continue their journey through life, and most importantly the students still at BHS. Cherish these moments, and live your young teenage lives freely for as long as you can.


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