Finding A(nother) Family

By Maryam Mahmood, junior

At Beaverton High School, there are so many different activities and sports students could choose. One of my friends is in Color Guard, and it is a reminder of tradition uniting us.

Blog 1.png

“Color Guard is a sport that takes time and dedication, a great sport that involves memory and graceful movement. After a year of spinning with the Beaverton Guard, I can say I have gotten more confident from the audience by performing. I have met amazing people from different skill levels. People every season come and go, but during that time, we bond and create a family that can understand our inner lame jokes. I want this family grow during auditions, which will be held next week.”

Blog 2.png

As you see it is an activity that sounds fun, so if you are interested you should try out, or ask more about it.


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