My Magical First Trip to Disneyland

By Ella Lambert, senior

Going to Disneyland for the first time was crazy enough, but going with my best friends was even crazier. Ever since last year when I saw the Marketing students go to Disneyworld, I knew I needed to go and what better time than my senior year?

The trip was filled with such fun times and unforgettable memories. The trip started with the famous Hollywood tour where we learned about the entertainment industry,  looked at all the stars, and even visited where the Oscars are held every year.

The next day, I was overcome with excitement and could not wait to step into the park. Anyone’s first time stepping into Disneyland is magical, and mine wasn’t any different. I couldn’t stop smiling even if I wanted to. My first  ride – before our workshop started – was Indiana Jones, and it has to be one of my favorites. After our workshop, we went on Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and all the other classics. This trip wasn’t only about the rides, though; we also got to learn about Disney’s approach to leadership including the “four c’s” to which Walt Disney attributes to his success: confidence, curiosity, courage, and constancy. We also talked about our dreams and how fear is one of the main things that turns our dreams from possible to impossible. We learned that failure happens and that it’s part of becoming successful. Walt Disney had many failures before he came up with the iconic Mickey Mouse character. The program was really cool and informative, and we got to learn lots about what goes into making Disney the magical place that it is.

After our wonderful night walking around in Downtown Disney, we were exhausted and went back to the hotel to rest. The next day was spent at Universal Studios, which I think surprised us all with how great it was. Short lines, good food, and who can forget the Jurassic Park ride? Before coming here, I had an immense fear of fast or scary rides. But, after riding The Mummy and Jurassic Park about 8 times each, I was finally able to overcome my fears and genuinely enjoy every ride (except California Screamin’ because that still scares me). We also did a behind-the-scenes tour of Universal and its production stages and compared Disney to Universal in terms of how each approaches different customer markets, the in-park experience, and overall feel. So great!

Today is (was) Thursday, and we’re back at Disney enjoying all the rides as much as possible and going to a workshop on Disney’s approach to storytelling. I am so excited!

This trip has really been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and I have to give credit to not only my amazing teachers who have felt like my second moms but my amazing friends who have pushed me out of my comfort zone and have joined me on this experience of a lifetime.


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