Excellence Is Not a Skill. It Is an Attitude.

By Paola Hidalgo Cruz, senior

While searching through Pinterest for inspiration to write this blog, I came across this quote that says “Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” This quote made me think of Track and Field and the athletes who compete.

Track vs Century  (12).JPG

During the meets, I watch both JV and varsity compete against their competition. I watch all the athletes in their events try their best to reach to their finish.  I’ve seen some exciting races where two people from opposing teams are racing each other hand in hand close to the end of the race.  I like to see how hard they try to beat each other to the finish line and the students and the crowd gets excited and cheers them on, encouraging the competing athletes to push themselves even farther. That’s probably one of my favorite part of the meets, the teammates cheering on the sidelines encouraging their teammates through a hard race.

Track vs Century  (16).JPG

Even on rainy days, when the air is cold and you feel wet and gross, that doesn’t stop the athlete from pushing themselves to their best. When I read, “Excellence is not skill. It is an attitude,” it reminded of all the hard working athletes who work hard everyday to compete and beat their PR and who compete hard even when the weather is awful.


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