Real-World Learning

By Emma Brockman, senior


From a learning perspective, the Health Careers Pathway at Beaverton has provided me with an opportunity to learn about the incredible world of medicine. For two years, I have been involved with the program, and I have been exposed to the wonders of the human body and interacted with patients in real-world situations. As a senior, my second year has been mostly out in the community surrounded by patients, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, you name it. I feel that this program has allowed me full access to interaction with professionals and given me time to ask questions about numerous opportunities within the healthcare workforce. In the hospital setting that I have mostly been in, it’s super interesting to try to solve the medical mysteries and patient puzzles in each room. This class is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who even thinks they may be interested in healthcare. There are so many rotations and clinical sites that allow you to step outside of your comfort zone or become exposed to something you wouldn’t normally see on a regular day at school. On my rotations, I have seen nurses give IV’s, patient transport, controlling patients, prescribing meds, and saving lives. You learn a lot by doing during this class. As students, it’s a lot of observation during the class time but opportunities will present themselves. I have gotten to take vital signs on patients, assisted with moving and cleaning, and gotten to ask countless questions. Health Careers is a great option for anyone even considering a health career and it provides a safe and challenging environment for learning.


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