Taking Learning Outside of the Classroom

By Cameron Monfared, sophomore


Like most people know, these are words that you hear all around the school at almost anytime. They are repeated in our announcements, they are all over our school clothing gear, they are plastered somewhere in every building. I know what you must be thinking, so what? Aren’t these just some words?

I can tell you that coming from an option school (ISB) to Beaverton two years ago, without knowing anybody was difficult — really difficult. I had heard all these words, and I thought just like anyone else, who cares about these things? Two years later, I can tell you someone who really cares about that value of “learning transforms us”, me. I’m not here to tell you how amazing everything is at BHS or how it’s the best school out there (which it is), I’m here to tell you my own experience, why I truly love BHS and all of the opportunities that it gives me as a student.

At Beaverton High School, thanks to some of our amazing programs, we are no longer confined by the four walls of a classroom. We no longer sit down with some textbooks and learn about certain topics. We break through our walls with innovation, creativity, and passion. In February, we got to travel to Social Media Week in New York City where we were able to learn from industry leaders and trendsetters about how the industry truly runs. This is an experience that would be unthinkable to many school. However, that is why I say that BHS is so different.

While I’m only a sophomore, and have two years left at BHS, I know how much the school has done for me. When I walked in as an unknown freshman, I didn’t really have much passion. I was just like everyone else. I went to my core classes every day, and went home right after school. I would have lots of conversations with my teachers about what I want to do in life. I wanted to do something during my high school years that would make me remember high school, but I did not know what to do. That is, until I started becoming involved. I joined Key Club, attended some after school community service, and from there I knew that whatever I did to make high school memorable, would be done through serving my community. That led me to seek a position that I now hold where I’m able to represent all of the students of BHS on the Beaverton Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, and with that came the opportunity to represent all of the youth of the city at the National League of Cities conference in DC this year, and with that has come being one of, if not the youngest contributor to the Huffington Post, and with that came meeting the President of the ACLU (American Civil Liberty Union), and our Oregon Senator Merkley,


and with  that are more exciting opportunities that I will be able to enjoy next year. This ALL started when I got involve with my school to see what it could offer me.

That’s why I say to anybody who will be attending BHS or is in some way apart of our community, you are incredibly lucky. You are incredibly lucky to have a place that will let you explore your interests, exceed expectations, and truly shoot for the stars.


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