Steel Magnolias: a review

Via Beaverton Hummer online:

Beaverton Hummer

By Jono Vincent

A musical with a cast of thirty-five is hard to put together, but easy to perform. Alternatively, a drama with a cast of only six is easy to put together, but much harder to perform. The former is a showcase of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the rehearsal process, whereas it is often onstage on opening night that these bodily fluids are evoked from the latter.

No matter the size of the show, however, the Beaverton High theater has always made sure that the final product is consistent and enjoyable. In my opinion, Steel Magnolias was no exception.

The show, which opened on Wednesday the 12th and ran through to Saturday the 15th, circled around six women in a beauty salon in the South. Through witty humor and disturbing character dissonance, several societal elements like religion, illness, and childbirth were thrown into the spotlight…

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