By Alyssa Grimes, senior

Beaverton High School Class of 2017, it’s finally our time! It’s our time to move on and see what the future holds for us. From beginning to end, we have grown up with the same people and have gotten to know new faces as we advanced the past 18 years. We now get to use our many years in the Beaverton School District as guidance while we move on to further our education and gain the experiences we have always dreamed of.

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While reflecting on the times we have shared and watching the BHS Senior Slideshow, I made the realization that we are such a full community that has cherished the past years we’ve had in high school. This year, we’ve learned to value each moment that has been spent together as a class and hopefully to continue not taking the times we have left together for granted. This class gotten to know each other throughout these past four years at all the assemblies, school dances, sporting events and extracurricular activities clubs, and now it’s time we celebrate our last hurrah at graduation.

Blog 2

Class of 2017, we need to stick together and hold our heads high until the day that we get to throw our caps up to the ceiling of the Chiles Center as we all cheer because we’ve made it this far. Lock away that Senioritis, and keep up all the hard work because our time is coming faster than we know it.

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