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Beaverton Hummer

By Milcah Tefera

The countdown to prom is finally over, placing the Toy Story themed bash just this last Saturday. Whether you waited for this moment for years, or couldn’t have cared less, the BHS “#prom2k17” inevitably happened. Before the event took place and prince and princesses of prom court were elected, excitement grew for some while prom aspects pressed the hearts of others.

Many seniors awaited this moment since the beginning of high school, some have even looked forward to prom since as far back as middle school. Some seniors, however, were unbothered by the whole event altogether. One of these seniors was Jono Vincent, who did not attend prom this year. Jono stated that “[he] could do something a lot more effective with the amount of money that it costs.”

Other seniors, like Cam Tobin, agreed with Jono’s attitudes towards prom as well. When asked if he felt the…

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