An Ode to Learning

By Karley Hecht, senior & Anna Lorati, junior


Roses are red.

School buses are yellow.

Teachers at BHS tend to be mellow.


When you think of school,

You think of cool.

Right next to senior lot, there’s a pool.


If underclassmen park in the senior lot,

They’re gonna hear a lot

From the ones who take up the spots.


Everyone knows,

But BSD closes when it snows.

That’s okay,

It’s only 10 days;

We’ll make up for it anyways.


Beaver Lodge is the best class you can take.

So don’t be late or hesitate;

See your teachers,

And don’t think about skipping.

Because Dave, Lydia, and Brad will catch you ditching.


Sporting events are the best.

Show up to the games being the best dressed.

And, make sure to scream loud for the Beavers.

While standing behind the cheerleaders.

Don’t forget to cheer on our Bs

Cause they’re the bees’ knees.


Our thespians put on the best shows.

And everybody knows!

So show up, and give the cast members a rose.


Our band rocks the house.

We’ve got tubas, trumpets, and drums galore.

We can’t forget about the clarinets and flutes.

But, don’t you worry, there’s a lot more.

The pathways we have

Are one of a kind.

If you’re ever on rotations,

You’ll be wearing purple scrubs

And when you’re at school,

People will think you’re cool.


Now the Marketing Pathway,

It may be the best.

But we don’t want to be biased

Because that’ll rock the nest.

You get to go on fun trips

To LA, New York, and more.

Along with completing fun projects

So you’ll never get bored.


If you forget your lunch,

Don’t let your knickers get twisted up in a bunch.

Go up to The Pond and get something to munch.


In case you didn’t already know,

Our four core values will make you go “hellllooooo!”

Learning transforms us.

Tradition unites us.

Community connects us.

Excellence inspires us.

And that’s all there is to discuss


Overall, we just wanted to say,

That BHS is the best,

And we’re here to stay.


So take this last note into consideration,

And be the best Beav you can be to carry on our tradition!


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