By Lacey Hedeen, senior

As the temperature outside gets warmer and the flowers start to bloom, the seniors in the Class of 2017 are getting more and more anxious for the big day – June 10th: graduation at the Chiles Center. I always thought it was so cliche when people told me these four years go by faster than you think, but it’s true. I could never imagine myself walking across that graduation stage, and now that moment is less than two months away.  Looking back to freshman year, it seems like ages ago, and at the same time, it feels like yesterday. I have come to know so many great people over the last four years, and I can’t even begin to comprehend that in a few short months we will all go our separate ways.

Anyone who knows Beaverton High School knows that we strive for success. But, no one truly knows what that is like until you are in the school living it. It feels like every day a sport or club is achieving yet another great thing. At the end of my junior year, Mrs. Erwin told my class, the Class of 2017, that we were going to be the biggest class to graduate from BHS. She had very high expectations for us, and I can only hope we were able to live up to what she expected. I know we weren’t the easiest class to deal with but I can say we had so many amazing achievements over our four years that I, and everyone in my class, should be incredibly proud of. Though I will no longer be attending BHS after June, I will always be a Beaver at heart and I will always take pride in the excellence this school has achieved.


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