One Last Dance

By Hunter Sweet, senior

Our last high school dance… Senior year is full of “last” experiences: last time being in the student section, last Spirit Week, last class, last basketball game, and – most importantly – last dance. In most all high schools, Prom is the biggest and most meaningful dance for those who attend (mainly seniors). Many alumni have mentioned the senioritis that follows Prom so taking their words of wisdom into account, I will do my best to enjoy the entire week leading up to Prom, or should I say… Spirit Week. Spirit Week consists of the entire school dressing up to designated themes and the Prom Court being embarrassingly honored at lunch with serenades and dance-offs.

Blog 1.jpg

As you know, BHS is known for having the best assemblies around. The Prom Assembly is Friday before the dance. Every assembly, there are stellar performances whether it be singing or dancing or the Prom Courts’ introductions.
Blog 2
Lastly, the day of the big dance, the day that you dedicate all of the morning and afternoon preparing for, the dance that takes place in downtown Portland at the World Trade Center, the classic waterfront picture.
Blog 3.jpg
“After prom, in the blink of an eye you will be graduating,” they say. I believe that will be the case because time flies when you’re having fun.

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