Junior Advice. Signed, an Almost-Senior.

By Jen Caplan, junior

Spring has arrived, time of standardized testing for juniors and college decisions for seniors. The end of the year seems so near and yet summer appears to be so far away. It’s hard to stay motivated and focused. In the next couple months, juniors will be dealing with the stress of SAT, ACT, AP testing, and so much more! Everyone always told me that my junior year was going to be hard but I never thought it was going to be this hard. I missed quite a bit of school last month from attending Social Media Week in New York and another conference in Dallas.

Blog 1

I have put so much on my plate for the year, and there isn’t nearly enough time during the day or the week to complete everything that needs to be accomplished! I have spent pretty much every weekend during the last couple months catching up on work.

Blog 2

With all this stress, it’s so amazing to have teachers who care about me and are able to support me through all of this. Beaver Lodge has come in handy many times this year. And when the stress of standardized testing, homework, my extra curricular activities and other commitment start to weigh on me, I also start thinking about how exciting it is to think that by this time I may have a pretty good idea of where I’m going to college!

I wish that when everyone told me that my junior year was going to be so hard, that they would have provided me with more specific advice. So, my advice to all you sophomores and even freshmen is that when junior year rolls around:

  • Keep a planner.
  • Don’t bite off more then you can chew.
  • Take advantage of Beaver Lodge.
  • Don’t get behind in your homework at school.
  • Make sure to make time for the things that you love.

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