By Joe Johnson, senior

EXCELLENCE INSPIRES US at Beaverton High School. Through sports, education, and community, Beaverton strives for excellence. A place in which excellence can be found is through our Track and Tield team. Beaverton Track and Tield is a place where – even though it is an individual sport – you have teammates who will help you and give you advice. Before track practice, all students participating in track warm up as a big team in the Wrestling Room.

Blog 413.jpg

As someone who used to do track, I can confidently say that warming up together and having team like meetings brought us all closer and set us up for a successful practice. Not only do we strive in excellence when it comes to being great teammates to one another we also strive in our events. At practice, the event coaches have workouts for us leading up to the meet, and cooling down after the meet. This helps us prepare for the meet and strive for excellence, as well as take care of our bodies.

During the meets, everybody prepared, watched, and encouraged others about their events. This set us up for excellence and pushed us to give all our effort for the team. Everything we do is set up for us to be as successful as we can and strive for excellence.



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