My Bad Break that Isn’t

By Gordon House, senior

As a senior nearing graduation and looking forward with my life, sometimes it is nice to take a look back. The four years I have spent at Beaverton High have been amazing, and I have learned a TON; however, there’s a ton you won’t learn in class or at practice including… how to be productive no matter what the consequences. Just over a month ago, while I was on an amazing school trip to New York City, I broke my fibula in the bottom of my foot.

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When it occurred, I figured it was a bad sprain, so I walked on it with a cheap ankle brace for about a week before I got an X-ray and found out the news. While I didn’t know my foot was broken, I was walking on it throughout New York City until the end of the trip, praying the whole time that it was just a bad sprain.

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The doctors said that I would be out for the whole tennis season and that I wouldn’t be able to work or drive until I recovered. I was broken inside, honestly, I probably cried multiple times about missing tennis and having to be out of my everyday activities for three whole months.

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Learning how to be productive and not feel like a waste of time is a hard thing to do, believe me. I had my doubts about my own recovery and how I would make the end of my senior year not suck because I’d be in a cast or boot. It was hard knowing I would not be part of the tennis team I love for the last year I’d be able to do it… or that I would be in a boot for Prom… or that I would be wasting away my own fitness because of a stupid accident. But what I’ve learned it to make the best of a bad situation. Not let myself be lazy and fall into a completely sedentary lifestyle. I know without being stimulated and being part of the same activities as my friends, I would rot inside and let myself go.

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Now, there is no way around this kind of injury and no shortcuts for recovery but the key is to keep your mind on other things. Keep yourself busy with as many friends or projects that you can and the time will fly by. Find the friends that will pick you up and take you with them, find the activities that will make you wonder how it’s already 9:00 PM. Find that someone who makes your problems seem to disappear. As lucky as I am to have these kinds of people in my life, without my own motivation to not let this injury hold me back, I wouldn’t be in the same place mentally that I am now. I know that if I hadn’t made the effort to make the most out of this time, I would be sad and depressed about everything I can’t do, instead of doing and pushing through all the things I can.

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