Learning About Myself

By Logan Holt, senior

During my four years at Beaverton High School, I got the chance to grow and find my interest through the variety of classes I signed up for. It was challenging but fun figuring out my interests my first two years of high school. Freshman and sophomore year was a process of trial and error when it came to forecasting for classes. Eventually, towards my sophomore year, I learned that my biggest interest laid upon the field of marketing.

My junior year I started to look into college and planning my future. At this point I started setting higher goals for myself and taking school more seriously. I changed a lot in my junior year; I got glasses, and I was diagnosed with ADD. These things caused a shift in my life, and I had to learn how to adjust. But, both of those things also helped me know what steps to take to reach my goals.

Junior year, I took more classes in the Marketing Pathway such as Sports and Event Marketing and Marketing 2. This year, I took Marketing Seminar and Digital Marketing. I learned about the marketing business world and how the marketing of ideas, products and services work. Overall, I learned about becoming a well-rounded person in the field, which interests me.

US 2
I found to be grateful for having the chance to find what I like and grow from it. High school is your chance to explore your options and find what you like. High school is an incredible time in our lives and I wouldn’t want to spend it at any other school. It is key to cherish everyone, and every moment in time here at BHS; every moment is so special, and I and truly going to miss being a student here.



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