By Alyssa Grimes, senior

Beaverton High School Class of 2017, it’s finally our time! It’s our time to move on and see what the future holds for us. From beginning to end, we have grown up with the same people and have gotten to know new faces as we advanced the past 18 years. We now get to use our many years in the Beaverton School District as guidance while we move on to further our education and gain the experiences we have always dreamed of.

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While reflecting on the times we have shared and watching the BHS Senior Slideshow, I made the realization that we are such a full community that has cherished the past years we’ve had in high school. This year, we’ve learned to value each moment that has been spent together as a class and hopefully to continue not taking the times we have left together for granted. This class gotten to know each other throughout these past four years at all the assemblies, school dances, sporting events and extracurricular activities clubs, and now it’s time we celebrate our last hurrah at graduation.

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Class of 2017, we need to stick together and hold our heads high until the day that we get to throw our caps up to the ceiling of the Chiles Center as we all cheer because we’ve made it this far. Lock away that Senioritis, and keep up all the hard work because our time is coming faster than we know it.

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Via Beaverton Hummer online:

Beaverton Hummer

By Milcah Tefera

The countdown to prom is finally over, placing the Toy Story themed bash just this last Saturday. Whether you waited for this moment for years, or couldn’t have cared less, the BHS “#prom2k17” inevitably happened. Before the event took place and prince and princesses of prom court were elected, excitement grew for some while prom aspects pressed the hearts of others.

Many seniors awaited this moment since the beginning of high school, some have even looked forward to prom since as far back as middle school. Some seniors, however, were unbothered by the whole event altogether. One of these seniors was Jono Vincent, who did not attend prom this year. Jono stated that “[he] could do something a lot more effective with the amount of money that it costs.”

Other seniors, like Cam Tobin, agreed with Jono’s attitudes towards prom as well. When asked if he felt the…

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An Ode to Learning

By Karley Hecht, senior & Anna Lorati, junior


Roses are red.

School buses are yellow.

Teachers at BHS tend to be mellow.


When you think of school,

You think of cool.

Right next to senior lot, there’s a pool.


If underclassmen park in the senior lot,

They’re gonna hear a lot

From the ones who take up the spots.


Everyone knows,

But BSD closes when it snows.

That’s okay,

It’s only 10 days;

We’ll make up for it anyways.


Beaver Lodge is the best class you can take.

So don’t be late or hesitate;

See your teachers,

And don’t think about skipping.

Because Dave, Lydia, and Brad will catch you ditching.


Sporting events are the best.

Show up to the games being the best dressed.

And, make sure to scream loud for the Beavers.

While standing behind the cheerleaders.

Don’t forget to cheer on our Bs

Cause they’re the bees’ knees.


Our thespians put on the best shows.

And everybody knows!

So show up, and give the cast members a rose.


Our band rocks the house.

We’ve got tubas, trumpets, and drums galore.

We can’t forget about the clarinets and flutes.

But, don’t you worry, there’s a lot more.

The pathways we have

Are one of a kind.

If you’re ever on rotations,

You’ll be wearing purple scrubs

And when you’re at school,

People will think you’re cool.


Now the Marketing Pathway,

It may be the best.

But we don’t want to be biased

Because that’ll rock the nest.

You get to go on fun trips

To LA, New York, and more.

Along with completing fun projects

So you’ll never get bored.


If you forget your lunch,

Don’t let your knickers get twisted up in a bunch.

Go up to The Pond and get something to munch.


In case you didn’t already know,

Our four core values will make you go “hellllooooo!”

Learning transforms us.

Tradition unites us.

Community connects us.

Excellence inspires us.

And that’s all there is to discuss


Overall, we just wanted to say,

That BHS is the best,

And we’re here to stay.


So take this last note into consideration,

And be the best Beav you can be to carry on our tradition!

By Lacey Hedeen, senior

As the temperature outside gets warmer and the flowers start to bloom, the seniors in the Class of 2017 are getting more and more anxious for the big day – June 10th: graduation at the Chiles Center. I always thought it was so cliche when people told me these four years go by faster than you think, but it’s true. I could never imagine myself walking across that graduation stage, and now that moment is less than two months away.  Looking back to freshman year, it seems like ages ago, and at the same time, it feels like yesterday. I have come to know so many great people over the last four years, and I can’t even begin to comprehend that in a few short months we will all go our separate ways.

Anyone who knows Beaverton High School knows that we strive for success. But, no one truly knows what that is like until you are in the school living it. It feels like every day a sport or club is achieving yet another great thing. At the end of my junior year, Mrs. Erwin told my class, the Class of 2017, that we were going to be the biggest class to graduate from BHS. She had very high expectations for us, and I can only hope we were able to live up to what she expected. I know we weren’t the easiest class to deal with but I can say we had so many amazing achievements over our four years that I, and everyone in my class, should be incredibly proud of. Though I will no longer be attending BHS after June, I will always be a Beaver at heart and I will always take pride in the excellence this school has achieved.

Back to the Beav

By Dylan Cadonau, sophomore


“We’re back to the Beav!” My dad would mockingly say this to embarrass me when telling family about my decision to transfer back into Beaverton School District. I had attended BSD schools my entire life: Montclair Elementary, then the International School of Beaverton for middle school, but in the summer of 8th grade, I decided to switch to Woodrow Wilson High School. I had found an interest in Computer Programming, and I felt that I wanted to pursue my passion. Wilson High has a very well-known technology program so I applied for a transfer and was accepted. Coming into my first day of freshman year, I didn’t know a single person in my grade but I wasn’t concerned about that. I quickly made friends and settled down into place. The year was going by quite smoothly, but around the end of the semester, I began to notice a sudden change: my peers started skipping class, blowing off sports, and getting involved with drugs. I felt overwhelmed. When I finalized my transfer to Wilson, I hadn’t heard much about the students I would soon be in class with. Unfortunately, it seemed I had stumbled into what faculty unanimously named, “the worst class in Wilson history.”


I soon knew that I wanted out. I had lost many friends because I refused to ditch class and smoke. I was deemed uncool because I put schoolwork before anything else. This wasn’t anything like the environment I had hoped for. During the last several months of my freshman year, I decided to transfer yet again; I was going back to Beaverton School District. Luckily, I knew plenty of kids from Junior High and Elementary school, but I was still concerned. Would I get bullied for focusing on my education? Would I be thrown into another school run by stoners? Would I be able to receive the education I had expected from Wilson? The answers to those amazed me. From the first day of school, I felt like I had been here for years. Students were quick to introduce themselves, many offering to show me around or tell me all the hangout spots. I was amazed by the kindness that everyone showed to a complete stranger. Students held doors for me, invited me to sit with them in class or at lunch, and offered many essential tips on how to survive BHS.


Seven months later, and I still couldn’t feel anymore at home. When I left Wilson, I was convinced that high school truly was like it is in the movies, the BAD side of the movies. However, Beaverton changed my perspective. At Beaverton, it is always education first. When I declined party invites to do homework during my Wilson days, the response was always laughter. Here, you’re weird if you blow off homework for hanging out with friends. The overall strive for the best education possible still amazes me.


The sense of community that is ingrained into the students here is mind-boggling. Everybody wants their fellow students to succeed and will do anything in their power to help them achieve their goals. It is clear that we are one big family, and all constantly look out for each other. Principal Erwin has done an incredible job of stressing the importance of community, and her hard work has definitely made a visible impact on this school’s society. At no other school do I see the amount of support and care for the students than what occurs at Beaverton. And not just from other students, but from the teachers and staff as well. The faculty takes the time to know their students, inside and outside of school.


The point of this blog isn’t to compare Beaverton to nor to talk poorly of other schools, but to say thank you to my peers and teachers. You all have created an incredible experience for me that most others would take for granted but I appreciate more than anything in the world. Thank you for accepting me and immediately including me into your community. Thank you for your continuous selflessness, always putting my needs before your own. Thank you for giving me these amazing educational opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. Transferring to Beaverton High was by far the greatest decision I have ever made in my life, and that decision has set me on a path to success that I was worried I could never be able to achieve. A school is only as good as the students inside it, and because of that, I can undoubtedly say that I go to the greatest school in the world. Thank you, BHS; I am proud to call myself a Beaver.

Baseball Is Back.

By Stefan Franke, senior

As springtime in Oregon comes around, with it comes a lot of rain, but also comes baseball. Throughout my whole life, baseball has always been the root of a lot of happiness. It is the reason to look forward to winter, because winter just means that spring is coming as well. And of course, spring means summer is approaching fast. As a kid I always grew up around baseball. Watching my older brother and my friends’ older brothers play, listening to a Mariner’s game on the radio while I play catch in the street, or getting up at 6 A.M. to drive all over town for a double header. And no matter how tired I was, I never regretted it.

With my dad being a BHS Alumni, I always knew I would end up at BHS, and I have always excited about it. For as long as I could remember, I could not wait to be a part of the amazing community, and to be cheering in the student section as a student. I have also always always been connected to BHS because of baseball, which only made me even more excited to be paying with a black and orange B on my hat, knowing I would be representing my school whenever I wear it out. I first started playing baseball when I joined Beaverton JBO. Beaverton JBO is the Junior Baseball Organization of Oregon, and I have nothing but good memories. For at least five or so years, I got to play ball with all of my closest friends, not only playing the game I love, but learning valuable new skills and making memories that will last a lifetime along the way.

Playing baseball for Beaverton’s youth program was also a great way to make new friends, and make friends that would be with me all the way to high school and even beyond high school. Many of the people I know at school, I have memories of being teammates with them. It has always been so cool to me to think that all of my friends and I used to be so little playing baseball together, and now seeing all of these same friends, and even myself, get ready to go on to college to do big things in life.

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Baseball was always fun just being with all of my friends, but of course, taking first place in multiple tournaments and winning many other awards and achievements made it that much better. In the end, I thank the Beaverton baseball program for the good memories, valuable baseball and life skills, and all of the amazing friends that I made during my time as a player. Baseball will always hold a special place for me, and will always be the reason I actually look forward to winter.

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One Last Dance

By Hunter Sweet, senior

Our last high school dance… Senior year is full of “last” experiences: last time being in the student section, last Spirit Week, last class, last basketball game, and – most importantly – last dance. In most all high schools, Prom is the biggest and most meaningful dance for those who attend (mainly seniors). Many alumni have mentioned the senioritis that follows Prom so taking their words of wisdom into account, I will do my best to enjoy the entire week leading up to Prom, or should I say… Spirit Week. Spirit Week consists of the entire school dressing up to designated themes and the Prom Court being embarrassingly honored at lunch with serenades and dance-offs.

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As you know, BHS is known for having the best assemblies around. The Prom Assembly is Friday before the dance. Every assembly, there are stellar performances whether it be singing or dancing or the Prom Courts’ introductions.
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Lastly, the day of the big dance, the day that you dedicate all of the morning and afternoon preparing for, the dance that takes place in downtown Portland at the World Trade Center, the classic waterfront picture.
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“After prom, in the blink of an eye you will be graduating,” they say. I believe that will be the case because time flies when you’re having fun.

What I’ve Learned

By Ella Lambert, senior

High school is all about learning. This doesn’t just involve learning in a classroom. To me, high school is about learning more about yourself as a person: who you want to be, who your real friends are, what your dreams are… the list goes on. For me, answering these questions did not come easily, and although some of these questions may not be as easy to answer as others, my time at Beaverton High school has made me more confident in the person I want to be, and what my plan is to achieve my goals.

Coming to Beaverton, I was so nervous. It’s actually a little bit embarrassing but I think it’s a feeling that a lot of people also had their first few weeks of their freshman year. I wanted to make lots of friends and enjoy all of my high school experience. My sister was a junior at Beaverton when I was a freshman, and she helped me a lot with branching out and meeting new people, which I’m so happy I did. Through her, I was able to meet people in different grades from mine and be able to feel comfortable wherever I was in school because I knew I would at least know one person. The thing that sucks, but that is ultimately inevitable, is that your circle of friends seems to get smaller from freshman year to senior year. Some people might think this is a bad thing but to me, it’s not. People are constantly changing and developing as a person, ESPECIALLY during high school, so it’s only normal. The group of friends I have now are some of the best people I’ve ever met and have had a huge impact on me. Some I met in middle school, some I met freshman year, and some of my best friends I didn’t meet until the end of my junior year. These are the people who have really made my high school experience. They make me a better person and push me to work harder and be the best version of myself.

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Although a lot of learning comes from outside of school, there is a lot that goes on in the classroom. Lots of people grow up knowing exactly what they want to do when they grow up, but this was never the case for me. So many things interest me, and I love to learn more about things that I’m passionate about. High school was a great way for me to learn more about things that I found interesting. You need to take elective credit anyway, so why not break out of your comfort zone and try something new? Some classes I really enjoyed throughout high school where Photography, Criminal Law, and Leadership. All of these classes allowed me to learn great skills that even if i didn’t pursue a career in, would be great to have. Here is one of my favorite pictures I took in photography that I am really proud of:

Blog Photo #2

Other classes that have impacted my high school experience are my Marketing classes. Since sophomore year, these have been classes that have always caught my interest. There are so many different aspects of marketing which really appeals to me. I have decided that next year I am going take advantage of the Oregon Promise and attend two years at Lane before transferring to U of O to pursue a career in marketing. Every senior goes through a roller coaster of emotions during their last year of high school. Sadness that high school is gonna be ending soon but also excitement for the bright future that is ahead of all of us. I am so grateful for everything I have learned about myself while at Beaverton and am so grateful for all the amazing memories I will forever have from this school.

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Prom voting 2017: recount verifies tied election for Intellect and Renaissance positions

Via Beaverton Hummer online:

Beaverton Hummer

By Ben Sherer

Due to the remarkable circumstance surrounding Prom and the students elected to category of Intellect and Renaissance, the validity of whether or not the voting was fair, was called into question. At the Hummer, an investigation was conducted and the results were proven to be accurate for the categories; for the princes of Intellect the votes were tied at 43 each and for Renaissance the votes were tied at 34, with each princess placing within the top four in votes of several other categories. Each prince and princess won their respective category fairly and truthfully. The results were not only verified by a member of the Hummer staff, but by Anna Ricci, ASB President, and Logan Holt, VP of Student Activities. As a staff, the Hummer would like to say that the veracity surrounding the categories of Intellect and Renaissance is false and that the results for…

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America’s (and My) Pastime

By Nick Uchida, senior
For as long as I can remember, I have been playing the best game in the world (in my opinion): BASEBALL! Growing up, I used to mirror the swinging stance of Ichiro Suzuki and sliding all around my living room like I was stealing bases. I’ve played a lot of sports in my life but baseball was just something else. I couldn’t be more thankful for this sport not only because of the learning experiences it has brought to me but the friendships that I have made.
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In this photo, from the right, we have Jake Bunn and Callan McRae. I‘ve been playing baseball with these two since we were 8 years old playing for Murrayhill Little League! Kevin Watson on the left, we’ve been playing together since our freshman year of high school ball. The vast majority of the players on the high school team this year have either known each other or have played together from such a young age. In my opinion, this creates the best team chemistry. There is nothing better than having a team full of brothers that will have your back no matter what. Not just the baseball team here at BHS but I can say confidently that this team chemistry feeling is a common thing among other teams and other sports within our school. This is just one of the few reasons why I love and embrace the opportunity to represent the name across my jersey.
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Any person who plays a sport knows that there is an immense amount of competition, everyone wants a starting spot. With this team, there are 16 players but you can only have 9 of them out on the starting lineup. Being one of those players who unfortunately doesn’t have a starting spot has been tough, to say the least, since it is my last year playing. I don’t have hard feelings against the player who won the starting spot though. Yes, I was upset and disappointed in myself but there is a bigger picture. One of our TEAM goals we set were to win a Metro League title and the ultimate TEAM goal is to win a State Title for our school! Baseball is a TEAM sport and there is no time to be upset and selfish. The biggest takeaway so far from this season has been that there is nothing more important than being a great teammate. Whether if that is if you are a starter or if you’re not, everyone has a role to play. I couldn’t be more thankful for my guys on this team. We push each other endlessly during practice and we always hold each other accountable.
This is probably the longest blog post I have ever written, and props to you for reading all the way through this. “Be confident, not cocky” – Varsity Head Coach Langton. It means a lot to the whole team to see people from the community showing up to our games and we couldn’t thank you enough. If you haven’t attended a game yet I strongly suggest you do! GO BEAVS!