Ready or Not, Here Comes Track Season

By Sley Vega, junior

With spring comes track season!

“Excellence Inspires Us” is one of our four core values here at Beaverton High School. As a student, we see excellence everywhere ranging from the classroom to after school clubs and our athletic programs.

With spring sports three weeks into their season, the Track and Field team has been working extremely hard through long practices on the track, field, and weight room to beat personal records and place high in Metro League.


A perfect example of how students here at Beaverton High school show excellence inside and outside of the classroom is junior Natalie Perkins who is an outstanding competitor on the track while also having excellent grades and working hard in school.


After asking Natalie how she manages between Track, school, and her outside soccer team while still being one of the top ranked runners in the state, she answered with, “It’s all about time management and planning ahead of time for the work I know is coming– Taking advantage of every opportunity helps me be successful academically and athletically.”

As the season goes on, we are excited to watch as determined athletes like Natalie who broke the school record for the 400 meter last year break her own record again and excel to place 1st at the OSAA State Track Meet. “My goal is to win state in the 400 and I plan on doing this by working hard at every practice and pushing myself to get better every day with the help of my coaches and teammates.”


This season, Natalie plans on branching out of her comfort zone and competing in the 300 meter hurdles, which she has never done before. I encourage everyone to come out this season and try to watch a Track and Field meet. It is an awesome experience with so many different events going on, and what’s a better way to be involved with our community than sitting on the bleachers cheering on your friends as they break PRs with the sun gleaming in the sky?!