Decisions, Decisions.

By Natalie Oleson, senior

As the year is coming to an end scholarships need to be filled out, options need to be explored, and decisions need to be made. Although it is very exciting deciding your future it is also very nerve racking.

Personally, this is one of the most stressful times I’ve had in long time. These past couple months I have been deciding between University of Oregon and Grand Canyon University. Since I was little, I have been going to Duck sports, walking around campus and just being apart of that community so it feels like home, but I have also always wanted to go to either California or Arizona for college. I feel that I should expand my horizons and just going to U of O is a safe decision. Grand Canyon has supplied me with tons of scholarship money, amazing facilities, and a bonus is that it’s in a state of choice.

Blog Picture-UofO

Blog Picture-GCU

Overlooking all my decision and acknowledging my ideal college life, GCU is the obvious decision but the distance from family and close friends always comes back around and pulls me towards U of O. Both of these amazing schools have pros and cons so coming the end of March a final decision has to be made, and I truly can’t go wrong picking either.


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