A Season of Learning

By Nate Johnnie, senior

Here at Beaverton High School, learning transforms us. As one of our four core values, it is instilled in the hearts and the blood of the students here. One of our greatest attributes is learning from our mistakes. We learn from from when we mess up, fix it, and perform at our fullest potential.

One example of this is our very own Beaverton High School basketball team. One of the best examples of this was our varsity team playing the Southridge basketball team, our rivals. The first time we lined up against them we played at SRHS. It was a good game but Southridge came out on top.

This loss really hit deep with our boys and lit a fire under them. The second time both teams took the court, it was at BHS for our Jam The Dam game. With all the hype and excitement around the event and the amount of enthusiasm, our boys came out on top.


Beaverton and Southridge lined up for a third time in the first round of playoffs. The boys rallied around each other with a 68-37 win over the hawks. They simply learned from their mistakes the first few times they played them so they could perform at the highest level possible.


This is a great example, but it doesn’t just happen in sports. Our students work even harder in the classroom. Learning truly does transform us here at Beaverton High School.


Photo Creds: Vince Radostitz & Joe Johnson