Basketball = FAMILY

By Marley Mackin, senior

This year, I have had the opportunity to be a Team Manager for the Beaverton High School Men’s Basketball Team. Going into it, I assumed it would be simply taking their stats and handing them water. As the season comes to a close, I’ve realized it’s much, much more. Sitting on the bench, you see what makes up the family that is this varsity team really is.


No matter the score, each player contributes an extreme amount of encouragement to one another, never letting anyone get down on themselves. Not only can you see how much they love the game, but how much they truly love each other.


Being a senior and getting to watch my classmates and friends leave everything they have on that court every week is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There’s a drive in this particular team that I’ve never seen in my four years. Overall, this season has let me be a part of something truly special. And no matter how this season ends, I will definitely always be proud to be a Beaver and to be a part of this family.




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Beaverton Hummer

By Jono Vincent

I had never seen an eviction notice before — let alone been evicted myself — and “out of the blue” could certainly sum up the situation. It was unreal to be told that I would have to move out of my Raleigh Hills apartment, and for many reasons.

The first of which being that I didn’t have an apartment anywhere, and certainly not in Raleigh Hills — I still live at my parents’ house, and at their expense I have no intentions of leaving anytime soon.

Second: Can motorcycle-police give out eviction notices? I mean, I knew they did more than just sit behind the hedge on Allen Blvd and talk, but this is just ridiculous…

And third: I didn’t really read the driver’s manual, but I’m pretty sure running a red light in a school zone at fifty-two miles per hour, hitting two kids and grazing…

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