By Joe Johnson, senior

Learning transforms us here at Beaverton High School. Learning at Beaverton High School is not a one-way path. There are multiple ways BHS helps its students learn. Beaverton has Beaver Lodge which helps students access any teacher which they might need help from during an hour and a half period. Beaverton also has Beaver Achievers, which is a program which kids can attend on Saturday mornings and get extra help or have quiet place to do homework or study.


I have personally found Beaver Lodge the most helpful because on the days which I’m  absent, I miss work and information that will be important for later on. I use it to gather the worksheets I missed and work on them and if I do not understand, I have the teacher accessible on the spot. Beaver Lodge also comes in handy when I need to work with someone on a project and do not have time after school. I can get a pass from my partner’s teacher and be there for the first half, second half or both. Each Beaver Lodge half is forty minutes long making the whole beaver Lodge period an hour and a half long.


Learning at BHS is different, and the students and staff make it fun and engaging. I can tell the students at BHS enjoy learning because there are multiple ways of studying and getting help.


PC: Vince Radostitz


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