By Nick Uchida, senior

Excellence is defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Excellence is everywhere around us at Beaverton High School. For me, I found excellence through my peers and the supportive community we have at BHS.

When it comes to Beaverton, excellence comes as no surprise. Take our boys’ basketball team, for example. Not only have they had an incredible season, but they are also Metro League champions for the second year in a row.


These twelve boys put in the hard work and dedication every practice and game that helps them be the amazing athletes they are. They eat, breathe, and sleep basketball. From going to high school practices, to extra help at The Hoop, Shoot 360, their commitment and time put in is paying off. When they go out onto the court every week, the improvement they make is obvious and the heart they have for the sport.


Being able to feel the energy go back and forth from the court to the stands, is a wonderful feeling as we watch how supportive the school is towards this team. Fans stand out, go out of their way to attend each and every game while they stand by the boys sides and watch them bring home a win every week.



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