Take Your Mark; Get Set; GO!

By Paola Hidalgo Cruz, senior

Track season has started at Beaverton High School, and the athletes at Beaverton are ready to compete!

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Before each practice starts, Coach Boyer starts with a motivational speech on how we must strive to be the best athlete we can be out in the field. He encourages us to push ourselves to our best of our ability and expects us to be there for every practice no matter how rainy the weather can be in Beaverton. This kind of encouragements motivates athletes in Track and Field throughout the season to push hard and strive for excellence.

Through practice, you will see the hard working athletes pushing themselves to reach excellence during their practices. Not only are the students at Beaverton High School working hard to compete for their upcoming meets but coaches are encouraging their athletes to do their best.

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Good luck this season, Beavers!


Ready or Not, Here Comes Track Season

By Sley Vega, junior

With spring comes track season!

“Excellence Inspires Us” is one of our four core values here at Beaverton High School. As a student, we see excellence everywhere ranging from the classroom to after school clubs and our athletic programs.

With spring sports three weeks into their season, the Track and Field team has been working extremely hard through long practices on the track, field, and weight room to beat personal records and place high in Metro League.


A perfect example of how students here at Beaverton High school show excellence inside and outside of the classroom is junior Natalie Perkins who is an outstanding competitor on the track while also having excellent grades and working hard in school.


After asking Natalie how she manages between Track, school, and her outside soccer team while still being one of the top ranked runners in the state, she answered with, “It’s all about time management and planning ahead of time for the work I know is coming– Taking advantage of every opportunity helps me be successful academically and athletically.”

As the season goes on, we are excited to watch as determined athletes like Natalie who broke the school record for the 400 meter last year break her own record again and excel to place 1st at the OSAA State Track Meet. “My goal is to win state in the 400 and I plan on doing this by working hard at every practice and pushing myself to get better every day with the help of my coaches and teammates.”


This season, Natalie plans on branching out of her comfort zone and competing in the 300 meter hurdles, which she has never done before. I encourage everyone to come out this season and try to watch a Track and Field meet. It is an awesome experience with so many different events going on, and what’s a better way to be involved with our community than sitting on the bleachers cheering on your friends as they break PRs with the sun gleaming in the sky?!

In the Blink of an Eye

By Nick Uchida, senior

I cannot believe how it is half way through March. Senior Projects are “due” on March 21st, Prom Night April 22nd, then finally graduation on June 10th. It’s crazy to think that all of this is happening. I remember last year listening to all the seniors talk about how it goes by super fast and how you wish you can relive certain moments. I would listen to them, and in my head, I’d be like, “Yeah, yeah, I bet.” No more Friday night football games; no more screaming your lungs out at basketball games. Just typing this and thinking about how I’m never going to relive and get back those moments, and be part of that student section is sad and bittersweet at the same time.

Blog 1

Senior year you realize what’s important. You realize that having a few best friends is better than having a lot of casual friends. You realize that you have to cherish every moment good or bad. Lastly, you realize that doing what you enjoy and not caring about what others think about you will truly bring out the best you.

Blog 2

Decisions, Decisions.

By Natalie Oleson, senior

As the year is coming to an end scholarships need to be filled out, options need to be explored, and decisions need to be made. Although it is very exciting deciding your future it is also very nerve racking.

Personally, this is one of the most stressful times I’ve had in long time. These past couple months I have been deciding between University of Oregon and Grand Canyon University. Since I was little, I have been going to Duck sports, walking around campus and just being apart of that community so it feels like home, but I have also always wanted to go to either California or Arizona for college. I feel that I should expand my horizons and just going to U of O is a safe decision. Grand Canyon has supplied me with tons of scholarship money, amazing facilities, and a bonus is that it’s in a state of choice.

Blog Picture-UofO

Blog Picture-GCU

Overlooking all my decision and acknowledging my ideal college life, GCU is the obvious decision but the distance from family and close friends always comes back around and pulls me towards U of O. Both of these amazing schools have pros and cons so coming the end of March a final decision has to be made, and I truly can’t go wrong picking either.

(School) Trip of a Lifetime

By Rianna Ayoub, senior

Everyone looks forward to something during their senior year. Whether it be Prom, Grad Night, or simply getting out of here. Well for me, the thing I looked forward to the most was the Digital Marketing trip to NYC for Social Media Week.

empire state building

Social Media Week is a worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations, and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society, and culture around the world. The people who went on this trip are our Social Media Team who make the content for BHS, so we could apply the ideas we learned to the content we make for our school. We heard from awesome speakers such as Megan Summers from Facebook, and even David Harbour, or “Officer Hopper” from Stranger Things!

social media weekk.jpg

Besides from the conferences, we had plenty of free time to explore the big apple. There were enough chaperones for us to split up and do our own thing, so I did many different things such as go to the Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial, Central Park, Chelsea Market, cool dessert shops, and more.

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Going to NYC was such a different experience, for I have never traveled to the East Coast. I plan on going back as soon as I can. If you get a good school trip opportunity, take it. Hands down. You never know what you will learn, see, or how much fun you will have!

social media team nike

A Season of Learning

By Nate Johnnie, senior

Here at Beaverton High School, learning transforms us. As one of our four core values, it is instilled in the hearts and the blood of the students here. One of our greatest attributes is learning from our mistakes. We learn from from when we mess up, fix it, and perform at our fullest potential.

One example of this is our very own Beaverton High School basketball team. One of the best examples of this was our varsity team playing the Southridge basketball team, our rivals. The first time we lined up against them we played at SRHS. It was a good game but Southridge came out on top.

This loss really hit deep with our boys and lit a fire under them. The second time both teams took the court, it was at BHS for our Jam The Dam game. With all the hype and excitement around the event and the amount of enthusiasm, our boys came out on top.


Beaverton and Southridge lined up for a third time in the first round of playoffs. The boys rallied around each other with a 68-37 win over the hawks. They simply learned from their mistakes the first few times they played them so they could perform at the highest level possible.


This is a great example, but it doesn’t just happen in sports. Our students work even harder in the classroom. Learning truly does transform us here at Beaverton High School.


Photo Creds: Vince Radostitz & Joe Johnson

Hats Off to Cheer!

By Lacey Hedeen, senior

It’s well-known that here at Beaverton High School, we strive for excellence. Our cheer team is one of the many athletic programs that displays this at our school. They do an outstanding job every game, cheering our team on and hyping up our student section. Anyone who has been to a BHS basketball game knows the energy and spirit that the students and cheerleaders have. Every game, they are out there performing amazing stunts and back-flipping their way across the floor.

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Last month, our very own cheer team took third in state at the OSAA state competition. They showed us that hard work and dedication really does pay off. It was a perfect way for our seniors Kylee Rench, Clara Gulsvig, and Nate Purves to end their experience here at BHS.

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This last weekend at the OSAA Men’s Basketball state tournament was the last time that our cheerleaders and students will support this year’s wonderful boys’ basketball team. Hats off to both teams and all they have accomplished over the years.

Beavers Takedown Opponents, Continue to State

Via Beaverton Hummer online: https://beavertonhummer.wordpress.com.

Beaverton Hummer

By Noe Lambert

Beaverton boys wrestling came to dominate this year at districts on February 17 and 18, at Liberty High School. They ended the tournament with a combined 214.5 points, an impressive score compared to last year’s meager 141 points and last place title. The Beavers placed fourth as a team behind Aloha, Century, and Westview High School.

The team was very confident in their abilities this year due to a high number of talented wrestlers, including seniors Josh Poppleton and Andre Curtiss, junior Evan Kepner, sophomore Daniel Smith, and freshman Sandrey Mitberg. This confidence is what pushed the wrestlers this year to compete at their highest abilities. Mitberg explained, “Just having confidence and being able to snap down really well and low ankle picks really helped us”.

Nineteen of Beaverton’s wrestlers made it to the quarterfinals, but only nine fought their way to the semifinals. Smith, Poppleton, and…

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Basketball = FAMILY

By Marley Mackin, senior

This year, I have had the opportunity to be a Team Manager for the Beaverton High School Men’s Basketball Team. Going into it, I assumed it would be simply taking their stats and handing them water. As the season comes to a close, I’ve realized it’s much, much more. Sitting on the bench, you see what makes up the family that is this varsity team really is.


No matter the score, each player contributes an extreme amount of encouragement to one another, never letting anyone get down on themselves. Not only can you see how much they love the game, but how much they truly love each other.


Being a senior and getting to watch my classmates and friends leave everything they have on that court every week is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There’s a drive in this particular team that I’ve never seen in my four years. Overall, this season has let me be a part of something truly special. And no matter how this season ends, I will definitely always be proud to be a Beaver and to be a part of this family.



Via Beaverton Hummer online: https://beavertonhummer.wordpress.com.

Beaverton Hummer

By Jono Vincent

I had never seen an eviction notice before — let alone been evicted myself — and “out of the blue” could certainly sum up the situation. It was unreal to be told that I would have to move out of my Raleigh Hills apartment, and for many reasons.

The first of which being that I didn’t have an apartment anywhere, and certainly not in Raleigh Hills — I still live at my parents’ house, and at their expense I have no intentions of leaving anytime soon.

Second: Can motorcycle-police give out eviction notices? I mean, I knew they did more than just sit behind the hedge on Allen Blvd and talk, but this is just ridiculous…

And third: I didn’t really read the driver’s manual, but I’m pretty sure running a red light in a school zone at fifty-two miles per hour, hitting two kids and grazing…

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