Lee Butler: prince in shining 900-fill goose down armor

Via Beaverton Hummer online: https://beavertonhummer.wordpress.com.

Beaverton Hummer

By Jono Vincent

Early January, a candidly blurry picture of a contemplative young man dropped on Instagram. The man? Henry Douglas Lee Butler V. The account user? Anonymous.

Since January 6th, the account (formerly @from_butler_to_prince, then, after his nomination, @from_butler_to_king) loaded twelve photos, depicting everything from the man himself to the vest that his body adorns on a daily basis — something that has become a bit of an iconic sight. The anonymity of the account has caused much excitement around the school — and headache if you’re the guy running around trying to get permission to use quotes and photos.

The excitement of having such a well-organized account with great captions came to a subtle end, however, when senior Juliae Riva posted on her own Instagram account: “The thing I’ll miss most is thinking up captions for @from_butler_to_king. It’s been a good run.”

King's kidnapping.pngWhen tracking down…

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