Off to England, I Go!

By Autumn Sevy, senior

Whenever the topic of college comes up in conversation (which is pretty frequent now, being a second semester senior), I still find it a little strange talking to people about where I’m headed to, even though I’ve known for a while. It’s so far from the choice I thought I would be making at this point in my life and going to university outside of the country definitely wasn’t an option I even considered when I started thinking about college. In the fall of this coming year, I’ll be attending Nottingham Trent University in Nottingham, England to study for a BA in journalism. Hearing “I’m going to England” coming out of my mouth is definitely a little surreal and kind of intimidating.


Traveling has always been a presence in my life and is something that I love dearly. It’s part of the reason I’m choosing journalism as a career path and definitely played a part in my choice of the UK as where I wanted to go for college. I feel like going out of country, even out of state feels like such an unreachable ambition for so many people; it did for me! I realized though, as I researched more extensively, many of my initial misconceptions and doubts were cleared. Even though I went through much of the application process without much guidance, it was relatively straightforward, and I learned a lot about what pursuing this ambition of going to college in the UK would actually be like. For example, to get a bachelor’s degree, it takes three years of study not four! Information like this that I wasn’t initially aware of helped me make my final decision to go overseas.


In the next few months, I still have a lot of preparation to do. The thought of having to get a visa is daunting and that process will be a whole other ordeal. Homesickness has been in the back of my mind also and although I’m sure it happens to everyone at some point, my inability to come home without a $1000 cost scares me a little.

However, I’m beyond excited and grateful to have the chance to experience this; it’s been a dream I’ve been working to accomplish for a long time. I think it’s going to be such a rewarding experience to view everything from the perspective of living in a different country. Going into the whole college application process, I definitely didn’t have a clear direction or very much confidence, but it’s really surprising what you can accomplish when you follow your passion!


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