How to protect yourself from Stupid Cupid this Valentine’s Day

Via Beaverton Hummer online:

Beaverton Hummer

By Noelle Charbonnier

  1. DO watch Netflix by yourself while eating Half Baked Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

  2. DON’T drive by your ex’s house.

  3. DO get your gals together for a Leslie Knope inspired “Galentine’s Day.”

  4. DON’T watch romcoms.

    VDAY_PAPYRUS_SML_BAG.jpgA Valentine’s Day present! Image courtesy of Magrikie.

  5. DO buy your SO a present (even if you agreed not to).

  6. DON’T buy them a giant teddy bear from Costco (they’ll just stuff it in their closet a day after you give it to them).

  7. DO something unique for your Valentine.

  8. DON’T embarrass them in front of their friends.

  9. DO buy your crush a Val-O-Gram from the BHS cafeteria!

  10. DON’T feel pressured to have a date.

  11. DO dress up if you’re going out.

  12. DON’T go too crazy on the heart-shaped gifts.

  13. DO remember that Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to indulge in expensive (or really cheap, let’s be honest) and alarming amounts of chocolate.

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