Bucky’s Family: Yousif Al Zeidi

Meet Bucky’s Family Member, Yousif Al Zeidi!



Yousif is a Junior at Beaverton High School this year and is really enjoying his time here. Yousif was born in Iraq and he and his family recently moved to Beaverton about a year and a half ago. Yousif has two sisters and two brothers. His sister is a sophomore and attends BHS with him, his brother is in 8th grade and attends Highland Park, and his other two siblings are older than him. He is very good with languages. He is learning English very quickly and is fluent in Arabic and Turkish.

Outside of school, Yousif works at an Iraqi Pastry shop called Lombard Bakery. He really enjoys working there. He also enjoys going to the gym after school or after work every day.

One of the many cool things about Yousif is that he works with Mr. Naik after school to create presentations about why he and his family moved here and presents them to classes at Portland State University. He enjoys doing this because people get to know him on a more personal level and learn about the things that are going on in Iraq. He says it is an honor to present their stories to students and teachers at Portland State.

Yousif’s family decided to move to the United States because life in Iraq was “very dangerous and scary.” Living in Iraq right now is very difficult. He said, “No freedom, you don’t have electricity or water all the time, and the schools and education were very bad.” He says the worst part is “Waking up everyday and having to choose whether or not you want to leave your house because there were very high chances of dying.” He says it was upsetting because you never knew if you would get to go home that night and see your family.  One of the challenges he has faced since he has moved here has been the language barrier. Trying to learn English has not been easy, especially since when he first moved he didn’t know a single word or even how to spell his name which made it difficult to make new friends and meet new people.

Something that most people don’t know about Yousif is that his father was killed about 10 years ago while living in Iraq. They never discovered who killed him nor why they killed him which is the worst part. That is also one of the reasons Yousif’s family decided to move to the U.S., because they wanted to start a new life and have a better future for their family, which is also something he is very thankful for. Moving here has brought him many new opportunities.

Yousif is motivated by his own hard work. Seeing that his hard work is paying off and he is getting good grades makes him happy and pushes him to continue to work hard on accomplishing his goals. Yousif wants to be a pilot in the near future so he plans on attending college and studying civil aviation. Through hard work, overcoming obstacles, and doing the best he can, Yousif believes and knows he will accomplish his dreams and make his family proud. We are very honored to have someone like Yousif as part of our Beaverton High School community.