Bucky’s Family: Eddie Lundy

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Eddie Gundy!



Eddie Lundy is a 14-year-old freshman here at Beaverton High. He previously attended Whitford Middle and before that, he was at Montclair Elementary. When asked about how his high school experience was going, Eddie stated that he has enjoyed his time here more than any school previous. When he was asked to describe the Beaverton High community, Eddie responded with, “Kind, helpful and many more opportunities and experiences available to students than at a middle school”.

Eddie’s favorite classes this year are Band and Physics, and he likes the real-world application of math in physics and especially the labs, which he finds very fun. Eddie plans on taking multiple science classes throughout his years at BHS, continuing with STEM Chemistry next year.

With a background in music, Eddie has played multiple instruments including the Trumpet and Trombone, but found a liking in the Tenor Saxophone, which he plays in the BHS Band currently. Eddie hopes to be in a program like advanced Health Careers when he is a senior, as well as the opportunity to take advanced science courses and catch some rest with a late arrival period here or there.

A part of the Marching Band Color Guard and Winter Guard here at BHS, Eddie spends a lot of his days after school practicing with his fellow teammates. He has grown to like the group and activity alike, “It’s really cool because you get to compete with other schools, even some from Washington, and mixes of girls and guys with routines around flags, rifles and sabres,” all part of the Winter Guard competition.

As a freshman, Eddie looks at his future here at Beaverton High with hope and promise. He hopes to join more clubs and meet more people, take classes he finds himself interested in and being more competitive with Color Guard and Winter Guard as well as develop his talent for music on his Tenor Saxophone.




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