Bucky’s Family: Amulya Prabhala

Meet Bucky’s Family member Amulya Prabhala!



Amulya is a senior who takes mostly AP courses, and the ones that aren’t AP are still college-level classes. During a typical day, Amulya goes to school and comes home to do more homework, which is expected with the intense schedule she is taking this year. She also does Cross Country; during that season, she had practice every day. During the small amount of free time she has on the weekends away from school work, she enjoys going on hikes with her family. She also loves to sing Indian classical music, something that makes her so unique and connected to her heritage.

Though she was born in Oregon and has lived here her whole life, her parents are the first generation of her family here in America. They came from Southern India before she was born. She has no siblings and her family practices the religion of Hinduism. She went to Sexton Mountain Elementary School. Then, mainly Whitford Middle school, with the exception of the time she spent at HS2 and a short time at Highland Park. She’s now a part of the BHS family, as she has been all four years of high school.

If she could go anywhere in the world she would go to Australia because there are tons of animals there that don’t exist anywhere else. Something you wouldn’t know just by looking at her is that she’s a vegetarian. She loves animals, which makes Australia the perfect place for her. Taking a step into another part of the world, she loves a good meal of Chinese food.

Amulya is in the Health Careers program here at our school and she aspires to continue with this path. Looking into the future, she wants to become a doctor, although, she doesn’t know what field yet.


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