Bucky’s Family: Talia Agam

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Talia Agam!



Talia lived in Israel for two years as a child but has she grown up in the Beaverton area most of her life. Talia is very proud of her heritage: her mom grew up in Chicago; her grandfather grew up in Israel; and her father grew up in Jerusalem. Talia has discovered that she would like to pursue a career in the United Nations or in becoming a diplomat in another country. Working in the UN or becoming a diplomat intrigues Talia because of her family history, her interest in communications and making connections, and because she has a strong passion and love for peace in the world.

Two role models of Talia’s are her older brother and sister; she admires them because of how hard working and ambitious they are. Talia herself is very hard-working, resilient, and excels at overcoming adversity. She is the founder and president of Veggie Club, which she started because she wanted to educate people on veganism. Being a vegan herself, she wanted to teach other about what being vegan means, and to teach people how to be vegan and how easy it can be.

Talia is very involved in the BHS community, she is taking high level courses, she created Veggie Club, and she is a part of Knitting and Key Club. Talia has very well-rounded character inside and out of school; she is involved in the community, passionate about her heritage and her beliefs, and she is hard working and dedicated to anything comes her way. This is just a small part of her incredible story, and now the world awaits the incredible things that Talia Agam will do in her life as she continues to write her story.


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