Bucky’s Family: Olivia Tafea

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Olivia Tafea!



Senior Olivia Tafea was born in Oregon to a family with Pacific Islander heritage. She and her twin sister had moved to California where their grandmother raised them, but now they both reside in Oregon once again and are both students at Beaverton.

Olivia is currently an AP Art student at Beaverton and enjoys creating realistic drawings with standard pencils. She was first inspired to pursue art by her dad who is a tribal designer. At first, she drew to see if she was as good as him.  As time went on, Olivia became really interested in art herself.

In recent times, Olivia has found a special reason behind her devotion to her artistic hobbies.  Her rugby coach, who had been diagnosed with cancer, encouraged her to continue with art. He wanted her to paint something for him so that he had something at the hospital to look at and keep him company. Her coach’s wishes touched a special place in her heart and and made her want to continue art earnestly.

Olivia’s favorite subject in school is art class, but if she had a second favorite it would be Marine Systems! In the future, Olivia sees herself working as a professional artist or a product designer.



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