Bucky’s Family: Cruz Grover

Meet Bucky’s Family Member, Cruz Grover!


Cruz Grover.jpg

Cruz is a 17-year-old born in Portland. Cruz is a senior at BHS . Before Beaverton, Cruz went to Raleigh Hills K-8 for elementary and middle school.  He is involved in co-ed soccer at BHS. He likes co-ed soccer because “It’s soccer without lots of practice, and it’s more aimed at being fun”. Cruz loves getting to play with friends and doing it for no reason other than having fun. Cruz loves attending local sports events and supporting teams such as the Portland Timbers and the Portland Trail Blazers.

School is a main focus for Cruz. He strives for excellence while at school. Cruz currently sits with a 3.0 grade point average. Cruz thinks that school is important and doing well is important for your future. Cruz has taken 4 Advanced Clacement (AP) classes at Beaverton and is taking another 4 AP classes this year. His favorite BHS memory is having a potluck after taking the AP test in Calculus last year. Cruz has a near future goal of graduating high school and being successful.He looks forward to attending Oregon State University or University of Puget Sound. Cruz wants “to get to a point where he doesn’t have to worry about money.” His dream job is to be a mathematician. “Math is cool, math is fun, it’s cool solving puzzles”.

During his free time, he likes playing video games and being with family. Cruz thinks that family is important. Cruz’s culture is very family-oriented. His family cares about people. Caring is important to him. His favorite family tradition is eating a nice breakfast with his family on the weekends. His favorite holiday is Christmas because “Presents are nice” and because “Holidays are relaxing.” Because a lot of his family lives in New Mexico, his family tries to go there for a week every winter break. He enjoys having no homework over breaks and not worrying about school. Cruz strives for happiness and something better than “just living. I like to enjoy what life offers.”


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