Bucky’s Family: Lila Reich

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Lila Reich!


Leila Reich.jpg

Junior Lila Reich is an independent and ambitious character. She enjoys her American Literature class but considers her favorite subject to be art.  Lila is an AP Art student at Beaverton and continuously devotes her time and effort to art at school as well as at home.

She is a hobbyist artist, which means drawing digitally or in her sketchbooks the minute she arrives at home after school is a common scenario in her life. Lila usually draws with a sketchbook but her current favorite style is digital art. She has been interested in re-creating background of  nature and fantasy nature. Art has always been a therapeutic medium for Lila. She has been drawing for most of her life, and it calms her down when life gets hectic.

When she works, Lila listens to music to help her focus. Different styles of music usually match her mood for creating different styles of art pieces. Lila describes her art style as borderline semi-realistic. She tries to focus on anatomy and getting proportions correct. She likes to experiment with poses when she draws certain subjects, like people. However, Lila explains that she hasn’t quite mastered realism, so right now her work is mostly realistic proportions with her own twist.

Lila is encouraged to pursue her artistic talents by her family members. Her grandfather taught her to follow her heart’s desires and defy people who say “art is  just a hobby, you should focus on something else.”

At some point in her life when she is older, Lila wishes to explore Europe in the future and learn more about her varying heritage. Lila also wants to become a lawyer that focuses on environmental law. She feels strongly about the environment. Making the world a better place for future generations is something she is eager to offer her help with. Lila looks up to Michelle Obama and other women who are influential in the country.


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