Bucky’s Family: Veronika Kulik

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Veronika Kulik!



Veronika Kulik is a junior at Beaverton High School.  Veronika was born in Russia and she moved to the United States when she was 5 years old. Her mom’s side of the family is from Russia. She still contact her family from Russia, and she still cooks food from there. She attended Fir Grove and then attended Whitford Middle School.

Veronika would describe herself as  motivated and friendly. She loves her family and friends and is the only child. Activities she participates in include Cross Country, peer tutor to Whitford Middle School students, Track and Field, and Key Club. She is also part of National Honors Society. She also enjoys watching Netflix; her favorite show is Stranger things.

After high school, Veronika plans to attend college. She is passionate about learning, she likes to discover new things, and she likes to pursue things that make her curious. Her greatest achievement so far is making it through high school while managing her time enough that she can get good grades and have time for her friends. She enjoys being around her friends who make her a better person. She also enjoys going hiking and biking because she enjoys the outdoors. As for her career goals, she would like to do something with science; she plans to achieve them by going to college and keep on challenging herself.

Overall, Veronika’s experience at BHS has been really good especially after her freshmen year when she started to make more friends. Now, she feels more included in the community. Her favorite part about the BHS community is that everyone has a place; everyone is very accepting.


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