Bucky’s Family: Julieta Tamez

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Julieta Tamez!


Julieta Tamez is a polite, caring, hardworking  junior at Beaverton High School. Julieta was born and raised in Mexico City and moved here only three months ago with her 8-month-old brother and her 6-year-old sister because of her mom’s job. Julieta loved living in Mexico because it’s where her community and friends are. Her favorite thing to do there was go out with her friends and family and eat Mexican food (especially enchiladas). Julieta loves listening to music, singing, swimming and playing piano. In Mexico, she participated in her church choir, where her love for music grew.

When her dad told her that she was moving to America, he told her she was going to have to make new friends, meet new people, have new classes and teachers, and that there was going to be a lot of change. Moving was a really big challenge for Julieta because she doesn’t know English very well at all. She is working really hard in school to learn English right now, and it is something that she is really proud of. Julieta misses her family and friends in Mexico a lot, and she went to Mexico last week to visit and is going again over Christmas.

Julieta’s biggest role models are her mom and dad because of how much they encourage her, motivate her, and tell her how she can do anything she puts her mind to. She feels really blessed to be in Oregon at Beaverton High School and getting a great education. Julieta’s favorite teacher at BHS is Mrs. Hurtley because of how she has helped her improve her English. She is excited that she is here but nervous, because it’s hard, but she knows being at BHS and having the education will help reach her goals of going to college and possibly becoming a lawyer.


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