Bucky’s Family: Skyler Moore

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Skyler Moore!


Skyler Moore.jpg

Skyler Moore is a senior at Beaverton High School.  Her favorite pastimes are playing soccer, hanging out with her friends, and doing artwork like painting and drawing. Skyler especially enjoys art  because being creative and doing something different than everyone else has been something she’s done for most of her life. Being unique is what motivates her to continue with art.

Her devotion to her craft started when she was a kid. She had been drawing on the white walls of her house with a green crayon and because of that, her mom bought her a sketchbook to make her stop making a canvas out of her walls. Skyler drew inside of that sketchbook everyday and that is when she believes her love for art began.

Skyler looks up to her brother because he has always been someone who is hardworking and will do anything to get what he wants in life. His great quality is that he isn’t afraid of what others think of him, and he just goes for it.

Skyler finds herself in the mood to be artistic whenever she feels emotional or vulnerable. She admits that expressing herself at these times usually brings out the best pieces because they have depth and meaning. For Skyler, a perfect masterpiece created by her would be an argument through artwork that shows strength technical skill but also speaks to those who view it.


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