Bucky’s Family: Ian Webha

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Ian Webha!


Ian Webha.jpg

Ian Wheba is a senior student-athlete at Beaverton High School. He is an exceptional scholar that takes part in multiple AP classes. He takes part in AP Chem, AP Calc, AP Econ, and AP Lit, not to mention he is also enrolled in Personal Finance, World History, and Yoga, enjoying almost all of his courses. He is very focused on his studies as well as expanding his knowledge. Ian is a Board Member of the National Honors Society and is also involved with Key Club at the Beaverton High School. Ian used to partake in competitive fencing, but retired at an early age. He is now running track in events such as 110m hurdles.

Fencing used to be a big part of Ian’s life, starting at the age of eight and ending his fencing career during his junior year. He traveled all around the country and competed at a high level. Now, he is considering running in college, but he is very focused on his studies. His colleagues are a big part of his life and he enjoys working with them. In the next 10 years, he hopes to be done with school and living somewhere in Seattle or Oregon. He hopes to be working at a tech company like Microsoft.

During his free time, he enjoys kickboxing and a fun fact about Ian is that he loves to watch Gilmore Girls. In college, he does not plan on being in a fraternity; he’s not about that life. Something that inspires Ian is the founder of Tesla due to the fact that he worked so hard to achieve the level of success, and Ian aspires to make an impact on the world just like him. Overall, Ian is a fun-loving, very intelligent, athletic guy and has big plans for the future!


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